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February is the month to celebrate love, and love should be at the heart of every family. When a couple finds out they’re pregnant, it is a time to celebrate, especially nowadays when fertility problems strike more often than is commonly thought possible. Many mothers and fathers to-be come to realize their need for alternative family creation options, because becoming pregnant naturally has not occurred. Omega Family Global has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of Intended Parents (IPs) who have had fertility problems and chose Gestational Surrogacy as their family creating option. What Omega Family Global has come to realize, after working with men and women who have faced infertility and have thought that they may never have a family of their own is that their children are born into a family that has been preparing for them a long time.

As a parent, or a potential parent, one of the most exciting moments is when the news of a confirmed pregnancy is announced. Within the Surrogacy Journey, the Gestational Carrier or Surrogate is the one who lets the Intended Parents know that she is pregnant. The treating physician may also provide additional information about the baby's natural development. No matter what method men and women chose to create their family, it is always exciting to learn the news that they are soon to become parents. At this point, it time to get everything prepared for Baby's arrival. Baby is growing, and if all goes well, will be coming home in approximately 9 months.

At this moment, one of the most important things to consider is the type of relationship the Intended Parents want with their GC or Surrogate. Some IPs will want to have daily updates on how the pregnancy is developing, some will prefer them weekly. There are IPs who prefer to be called and speak over the phone or through Skype, while others would just prefer emails and pictures. Many times the IPs will be from a foreign country such as China or Germany. No matter where they are from, there will always be translating support provided by Omega Family Global. There are cases in which the Surrogate and her family become part of the IPs’ family, and the friendship bond becomes very strong, and others where when the Surrogacy Journey ends, so does the relationship. The important thing to note here is that Omega Family Surrogates bring family moments to life, by providing Intended Parents with an opportunity that has been naturally impossible.

 Thank you to all our amazing Surrogates, and to all our Intended Parents... welcome to parenthood!!!


Celebrating Baby

When a baby is to be born, either through Surrogacy or natural means, it is a time to celebrate! If possible, both the Intended Mother and the Gestational Surrogate can celebrate together. Not all Surrogate Journeys are able to unite both families to celebrate the coming of the child, but if it is possible, go for it! When the celebration is to take place, is a question of culture. Some celebrate the baby before he or she is born, and others after his or her birth.

Here are a few examples of how the coming of a child is celebrated in different cultures. 

In the United States and in Latin America friends and family celebrate with a Baby Shower. The guests are usually women who belong to the family or are friends with the future mother. In the case of Surrogacy, if the IPs live close to the Gestational Carrier or Surrogate, they can have a Baby Shower to celebrate the coming of the Baby. There are games to be played that relate to the baby, and bringing up baby. A modern trend now is to include men as well, because they too may play a definitive role in taking care of the coming child. 

In China and Korea there is a celebration called the 100-day Celebration where as opposed to America, the celebration occurs 100 days after the baby is born. The reason behind it is that the first 100 days are critical to the infant’s survival. It is believed that if the baby survives the first 100 days, then he or she has the possibility to live 100 years. 

In Brazil things are little different. The mother provides gifts to family members on behalf of the newborn baby. These gifts are little trinkets like candy with the name of the baby; they can also provide little notes on behalf of the child to thank them for celebrating its birth. Family and friends bring gifts for the child as well, but they leave the house with a gift of their own.

In some Scandinavian countries, after the baby is born, visitors come to the house for beschuit met muisjes which translates to "biscuits with mice". The mice are pieces of licorice that are placed on the biscuit. The licorice is coated in either pink or blue, symbolizing the child's gender.

In Japan, after giving birth, the mother stays with at her parents’ house with the new baby for 21 days. She receives visitors there, and they eat osekihan that is made of red beans with red rice. 

A baby’s birth comes with gifts, food, and company. Celebrations can occur before the birth or after. As a Gestational Carrier or Surrogate it is important to understand the type of relationship you would like to have with your Intended Parents and what ways would they choose to celebrate their bundle of joy.



Omega Family Surrogates Get's Together!! 

Omega Family Surrogates is a Surrogate Agency that truly capitalizes on the relationships that their Gestational Carriers can create with one another. It is not just about the Intended Parents being able to become parents; it’s also about women creating new bonds with Gestational Carriers who, like themselves, decided to give back to the community by having a child for someone else. A special type of sisterhood can arise from these meetings.

This time five Surrogates met at Apollo Restaurant for lunch. Both Courtnee and Brittni are due to deliver their surrogate babies on January 29, 2019! We wish them the best for an easy delivery. It was delightful to hear the conversations about their developing pregnancies, and their own children, who also attended.

Surrogates From Left to Right: Brittany Clark, Courtnee Montoya, Tracy Armato, Diana Garcia, Emily Brown, Lena Bryant and Brittni Eberhart.

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STEP 4: Gestational Surrogate Psychological Screening

Omega Family Global is a professional company that takes each step of the Surrogacy Process very seriously.  This means that Omega pays very close attention to every detail of every person and/or institution that comes in contact with the Intended Parents and the Surrogate. Our aim and goal is to keep everyone safe in the process, this is why we perform background checks are performed for both the IP's and the GC or Surrogates as well.  This also ensures the quality of people that will be involved in the Surrogacy Journey. Omega Family Global. Omega makes sure that not only is there a psychological test, but a battery test as well for the Gestational Surrogate.

When it is time for the Gestational Carrier's Psychological Screening, Omega Family Global will her and schedule an appointment that will last for about 3 hours. If the GC is married or has a sexual partner, the doctor will also speak with them.  The appointment will take place with the doctor that is closest to where the Surrogate lives. Each psychological screening is treated with the same professionalism and has the same purpose, but that does not mean that all women are tested in the same manner. This will depend of the Doctor that is providing the test. The GC must make the appropriate child care arrangements for her children on the day of the test. 

The test itself has more than 200 questions, and every test is different, no two tests are exactly the same.  Once the test is over, the Doctor will evaluate the results and inform Omega Family Surrogates weather the GC candidate is ready or not. The results should be received by Omega Family a week after the date of the test. If the candidate does not pass the test, the Doctor will call the GC and explain the results. 

Psychological Screening is a step that must be consented to by the GC candidate to be able to proceed. No matter how unnecessary the GC candidate or her circle of influence may believe this step to be, it is absolutely mandatory.  This solidifies Omega Family Global's commitment to professionalism and success when mainstreaming the Surrogacy process for both the Intended Parents and the Gestational Carrier. 


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