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Go East, young man

Airbnb's fastest growing markets for mobile app users are all far away from my home in Boston. China is a massive opportunity for any mobile company but the hurdle has always been tight government control of business, especially for foreign entities. India is still emerging as a market, becoming more of a powerhouse every year as larger percentages of its population begins to adopt smartphones. Not far from making this list was Saudi Arabia and Canada.

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Digital advertising does it for digital products

DAZN is a streaming service for sports [boxing]. I've been watching DAZN commercials during NFL games since November, where new installs of the app are relatively flat. According to Apptopia Advertising Intelligence, DAZN loaded up on Facebook advertising [starting 12/12/18 and ramping up more each day] and the installs kicked it up a notch. It's likely digital advertising will almost always do better than television when it comes to digital products. Consider that digital advertising comes with a link to click and download. There's much less of a chance of an immediate download following a television ad.

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1. Worldwide 2018 Download Leaders

Many app in this leaderboard owe their growth to emerging market adoption. This year's Apptopia downloads leaderboard is a great reflection of exactly what we saw in 2018 - the emergence of millions of new app consumers for whom internet access was unobtainable only one year ago.


2. Brawl Stars grosses $5.1M first week of global launch

Supercell had a successful launch with Brawl Stars, bringing in 9 million downloads and $5.1M in IAP revenue. Clash Royale's global launch in March 2016 saw 13 million downloads and $22M in revenue.


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  4. Houseparty aims to fend off competition from Facebook as usage stalls

       Somewhat Mobile:

1. We're not dating, we're just hanging out

This is a soft launch of my podcast - it's really a personal project that I forced COO Jonathan Kay into. A logo and few other things are coming soon! Audio quality will also improve. While we're already tweaking and building it, we'd love your feedback.

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