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The summer reading special

The population stories of 2018

In a year when Australia's population passed the 25 million mark, birth numbers reached record highs, and migration continued to have an impact on both sides of the Tasman, 'population' was never far from the headlines.

A quick check of the stories that were most popular with our readers this year revealed a mix of big-picture stuff and nuanced, local stories.

You can't go past the national trends for a simple, unambiguous story. A list of places - with your place somewhere between the top and the bottom - is, perhaps, the simplest population story we can tell.

However, it was the local pieces exploring issues like measuring homelessness and social disadvantage that you really wanted to understand in order to make your contribution to our society.

We hope this selection of our most popular blogs from 2018 provides some context as we all recharge and prepare to embrace the opportunities of a new year.

Best wishes for a safe and relaxing break - we look forward to hearing from you on our blog in 2019.

- The team at .id


Largest cities and towns in Australia

The 2018 update



Dive into our perennially popular blog listing the 50 largest cities and towns in Australia.

As our resident Census expert, Glenn, always says, "Everyone loves a list!"

If you want to dig a little deeper, read Glenn's section (and some of the comments) that discuss how we decide where a place starts and finishes. That simple question demonstrates the role of geography in any analysis of a place and the people who live there.


A cautionary tale

The jobs growth you didn't want to report this year

Do old people drive older cars?


This was the first in a series of blogs we wrote this year about how a change in the way jobs data was collected by the ABS resulted in a some incorrect reports of significant jobs growth in certain regions.

In this piece, Keenan explains how this came about, the places where there has been actual jobs growth (or decline), and how you can ensure you're reporting jobs growth accurately in your area. 


Social disadvantage

Insights from the SEIFA data release

Growth area planning


As we toured the country this year briefing councils and local communities about population trends in their area, one of the most-discussed datasets were the Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA).

In this piece, Glenn looks at the 10 most advantaged and disadvantaged Local Government Areas in Australia, alongside an explanation of how SEIFA is calculated and how it should be used to deliver services where they are needed most in our communities.


Regional population growth

Fastest and slowest growing areas in Australia

Submit your questions for the 2021 Census


The growth in Australia's population was never far from the headlines in 2018.

So when the ABS released their Regional Population Growth figures in late April this year, Glenn was quick to investigate the fastest growing and declining areas in Australia.



Who are Australia's homeless?



Homelessness was another topic that was front-of-mind for many of the people we met at our briefings this year. 

In March, the ABS released their Estimating homelessness publication, and soon after we added homelessness data to the Population highlights page in each of our community profiles.

This piece explores characteristics of the homeless population, shares homeless rates for each state and territory and explains why homelessness isn't limited to people sleeping rough.


Single parent families

(not always who you think)



As some of the most disadvantaged groups in Australia, 'single-parent familiy' may conjure up a picture of a young, single mother working hard to make ends meet.

And while this profile accounts for a sizeable portion of the total, the growth in the number of single-parent families with older children caught Glenn's attention.


Careers at .id

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We're always on the lookout for talented and passionate people with skills in demographic analysis, population forecasting, spatial analysis, geography and urban planning, software development or client management.

Right now, we're looking for the right person to join us as a senior developer. If that sounds like you, learn more here.

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