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Website Dayna copyThis month’s Comp & Gov Spotlight focuses on the role of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in executive compensation, corporate governance, and investor relations. As many of the world’s leading institutional investors and asset managers increasingly press firms on ESG matters, boards are being asked to address a broader range of issues, from the environment to gender equality to the opioid crisis. Farient Advisors offers news and analysis on this crucial theme as we prepare for the new year.

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Hot Off The Press From Farient

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ESG Shareholder Proposal Findings That Will Surprise You

Investors – led by the biggest institutional investors and asset managers – are holding corporate boards responsible on ESG issues. Farient Advisors examined recent ESG shareholder proposals and voting results and found five surprising trends.


Carlos Ghosn Felt Stars Deserved Big Pay. His Accusers Say He Took That Too Far.

The saga over the arrest of Carlos Ghosn has opened broader questions about accountability and compensation – a key element of the “G” in ESG. Farient Advisors CEO Robin Ferracone shares that Mr. Ghosn’s belief that he was under-compensated may have driven his alleged illegal behavior.

Interesting Articles on ESG Trends


Royal Dutch Shell Ties Executive Pay to Carbon Reduction

Even non-renewable energy companies are under pressure when it comes to ESG. In reaction to mounting concern by individual and institutional investors over climate change, Royal Dutch Shell will begin tying executive compensation to carbon emissions targets.


UBS Begins ESG Assessments of Private Client Funds

Major banks are implementing new measures that help clients consider ESG metrics when managing their portfolio. UBS Global Wealth Management announced this month that it will begin assessing all long-only equity and bond funds, including ETFs, on the firm’s non-U.S. platform next year.

Articles Related to Topic


KPMG Board Leadership Conference

Farient COO John Trentacoste will be speaking at the KPMG Board Leadership Conference on the panel, "Hot Topics for the Compensation Committee in 2019." The event brings together seasoned directors, governance professionals and business leaders to explore the governance challenges and priorities driving board agendas in the year ahead.

Meet Dayna Harris 

Dayna Harris is a Partner with Farient Advisors and has over 20 years of experience providing advice on executive and board compensation. Dayna’s experience includes advising boards and senior management of public and private companies across a variety of industries. This involves her working with management and boards to reach a consensus on program design that is effective within the context of a company’s organization structure and situation. Dayna has been recognized by the NACD’s Directorship 100 for three years, honoring the most influential people in the boardroom.

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