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Body Mass Index is a standard measurement that tells us it we are at a healthy weight, based on our current height and weight. In this issue of our Newsletter, it is important for us to help you understand  what BMI means.  First and foremost it is important to understand is that BMI is not a know-all-tell-all indicator.  There are certain factors that BMI does not take into consideration, such as the difference between muscle mass and fat.  Although BMI is related to weight and fat, it is not to mean that if you have a high BMI you are fat. A person can work out, be very muscular and still have a higher BMI than what the indicator states is healthy.  

The New Year is here, and it is common that we set goals.  A common health goal is reaching a certain weight, but before setting a goal, it is important to tally what you know, which means understand what healthy habits you are already following and adjust those that need a little help. We must remember that going all out, and giving it your all is something that you can truly achieve if you go step my step.  If you drastically change your habits, it will be harder to remain consistent, and therefore harder to achieve your goals.  If you set realistic, "simple" goals, you will feel good about yourself as you progressively achieve each small goal.  As you do this you will be motivated to go that extra step.  

In the world of Surrogacy,  BMI tells medical professionals wichi Gestational Carrier cantidadres are more prone to risks that a high BMI can generate.  Among these risks is preeclampsia and gestational diabetes. Granted, this does not mean that if you have a high BMI you are certainly going to go through either one or the other, but the risks are there all the same.

At Omega Family Surrogates we strive to take the best care for the baby and the Gestational Surrogate.  Our priority is mainstreaming everything in such a way that everyone is taken care of and supported.  We wish to enable women to become Gestational Carriers and give the gift of a family to those parents who cannot have children themselves.

Let's reach that BMI goal together, and help Bring Family Moments to Life as a team! 


Alternative ways to Know if you are at a Healthy Weight

Now that we have covered and understood that the BMI indicator helps but is not the only way to determine a healthy weight, lets take a look at other measurements that  can assist us with learning about our current state of health.

Body Fat Percentage or Body Adiposity Index 

According to In Body USA 

"Your body fat percentage is a value that tells you how much of your body weight is made up of fat.  In terms of your overall health, your body fat percentage can be one of the most useful numbers available to you, more than how much you weigh and even more than your Body Mass Index (BMI)." 

To find out what your BFP is use this calculator. You may also use this BAI calculator, to know your number.  

Assessing your Physical State

To understand if you are at a healthy weight, you must pay attention to your body.  An area that you should notice is you digestive system.  If you get bloated, when does this happen?  How are your energy levels? If they are low, is it because you are not eating enough or become you don’t get enough sleep?  

When you answer these questions you will have a parameter that can guide your eating and exercise habits.  


Sleeping is important for muscle growth

Fat is an important part of your body, because it protects your organs and stores energy.  You must maintain a balanced ratio between between muscle mass and fat content to remain healthy. To do so, it is necessary to allow your muscles to grow. This is when and where sleep comes into play. 

No matter how much exercise you do, if you do not get enough sleep, muscle growth will not occur.  For this to happen you must reach Stage 3 of your sleep cycle.

What is a sleep cycle? 

A sleep cycle is a period of 90 - 120 minutes that is made up of four stages.  The first three stages are groups into the Rapid Eye Movement or REM stages, and the fourth is Non-Rem Sleep or deep sleep stage. If you sleep more that 120 minutes you will go through many sleep cycles. What varies through the sleeping period, is the length of each stage within a cycle.

At the beginning of the sleep cycle, stages 1,2 and 3 take up a longer time than that of stage four.  As the sleep experience extends, stage four takes more of those 90- 120 minutes than earlier in the night.    

To reduce your BMI, try to sleep enough to go through stage 3 more times a night, and this will help you grow your muscles.


step 3 matching.png


STEP 3: Matching Process

The third step of the Surrogacy process is a very emotional step.  At this point in the Journey, both the Surrogate and the Intended Parents have introduced themselves on paper, set their expectations according to their wants and needs, and it's the Omega Family Surrogates Team's turn to identify who would be a good match. Omega Case Managers share the profiles withe IP's and Surrogates.  An initial call will be made, where both parties meet for the first time.  Here, important information is shared, such as which IVF clinic the IP's wish to work with, the IP's age, and weather or not the IP's already have their embryo's created. This call is a video call  so it is good to dress nicely, and if you have tattoo's cover them. A Case Manager will be present to guide the conversation and provide any information either party would require assistance with.  This is part of the excellent world class service Omega Family Surrogates provides. 

Some of the questions that Gestational Carrier may be asked during this video call are the following:  1) Where do you live?  2) What do you do for a living? 3) Tell us about a day in your life. Now, the questions that Intended Parents can be asked could be: 1) Do you have other children?  2) What type of relationship are you looking to have throughout the Surrogacy Journey?... The Gestational Carrier candidate and the IP's may go through more than one interview.  It is good to keep in mind that not all interviews lead to a match, and that is OK.  The matching process should take no longer than 6 weeks, but what is most important is that both the IP's and the Gestational Carriers' feel  comfortable and at ease with each other. 

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