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Wishing you - our customers, partners, and Eggplant community - a happy holiday season! We hope you get to enjoy a few days off over the holiday period and we look forward to working together throughout 2019.  

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Effortless Performance Testing with Eggplant Performance 9.0

We recently released “Effortless Performance Testing” – a simple to use load testing capability that re-uses your existing Eggplant AI assets, so that with no technical knowledge or coding you can run performance load tests on your system. 

Watch Eggplant Performance 9.0 in action here


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At Eggplant, we partner with leading technology companies and service firms that share our vision of creating amazing digital experiences. If you're one of them, you now have access to an exclusive hub on our website.

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Your opinion is very important to us and we'd love to hear your feedback on how we're doing. With the holidays around the corner our team would like to thank you for using our Eggplant products! During the season of giving we are offering our first 100 customers a $20 gift card of their choice. Please take a couple minutes to write a short review on your experience with Eggplant on Capterra


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2019 Predictions: What's on the Way for Business 

What's on the docket for businesses in 2019? Five experts, including Eggplant COO Antony Edwards, share their predictions, covering areas from robots to healthcare perks.

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Eggplant Updates Performance Testing Suite to Include "One-Click" Testing

QA Financial reports on how Eggplant's recent improvements to Eggplant Performance and Real Customer Insights help deliver better user and business outcomes.

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Global Financial Services Bullish on AI, the 'Disruptive Tech' Frontrunner

“Banking and insurance firms are much like any other enterprise in the DevOps world. Their releases have gone from twice a year to a release each week, or even daily. Consequently the frequency of their testing needs to be ramped up in response.” - Dr John Bates

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Webinar: Customer Experience Optimization


In this webinar, Eggplant explores the concept of Customer Experience Optimization — measuring the impact of user behavior against desired business results for digital software processes. 

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Webinar: 4 Real Ways AI Is Transforming Testing


AI is clearly the big topic in testing this year, but how is AI really going to impact testing over the next two years? This presentation describes four concrete ways AI is changing testing.      

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Eggplant Functional 18.2: Usability testing, automatic script checker, and much more

By Pamela Gillaspie, Director, Product Management

We recently released the much-anticipated Eggplant Functional 18.2, which includes some truly exciting innovations. Read more

How To Maximize Revenue By Delivering Ad Content Fast

By Alex Painter, Senior Web Performance Consultant  

Most of us who care about web performance do so because we care about delivering good user experiences. But the business cares about other things too. For media owners, advertising is a critical source of revenue. And if getting editorial content in front of end users is paramount, then delivering ad content fast has to be a close second. However, a reliance on third-party code and content outside of your direct control can make this challenging. Read more.



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