Volume 18, Issue 4 | December 2018
Neuroscience 2018

The annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience is an important event for us. We send a big team, set up a huge booth, and we try to talk to as many of you as we can. We loved Neuroscience 2018 in San Diego, so thank you all for stopping by our booths! See you in Chicago next year!

networking event: EQIPD

On Friday November 2nd, we organized a networking event in the Gaslamp District of San Diego. After a series of pitches for different industries (such as academic research, funding, and publishing), all attendees were asked to participate, resulting in a lively interactive session. Thanks for your input!

EthoVision 25 years: special discount!

At Neuroscience 2018 we celebrated the 25th anniversary of EthoVision XT in our booth. If you signed up, please remember to take advantage of this special Neuroscience 2018 only deal to get your hands on EthoVision XT 14 with a free Multiple Body Points Module!

Why EthoVision XT is so much better

In case you weren't able to stop by the booth at Neuroscience 2018, but you are curious to find out why EthoVision XT should be your video tracking tool of choice, check out this short video for some of the highlights that make EthoVision XT stand out! Also, did you know you can request a free trial?

Noldus Real Time IO box

We took Neuroscience 2018 as an opportunity to show the Noldus Real Time IO box that is currently under development. It is a new, scalable system that can connect your Noldus tools to mazes, operant chambers, food dispensers, and more. Contact us  to learn about the possibilities for real time connection!

Joey and Chloë

Joey (Joan) and Chloë are two of our very talented colleagues that turned out to be naturals in front of the camera! Wait, what? You missed them? Go check out our Facebook page or YouTube channel for the double-daily Joey and Chloë videos, as well as the other videos we shared during Neuroscience 2018. 

Happy Holidays!
Every year, researchers dive deeper and discover more insights into human behavior, including what behavior is occurring when a pain point is found, what behavior can be seen due to environmental change, and what behavior is happening in a supermarket. Read this blog post to get quick access to all highlights from our 2018 Behavioral Research Blog articles.


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