Volume  18, Issue  4 | December 2018
Happy to announce FaceReader 8!
New release of FaceReader

FaceReader is the most robust and automated system for the recognition of facial expressions. The upcoming release of FaceReader 8 offers lots of new features, such as custom expressions. Now, you can design your own algorithms to analyze workload, pain, excitement, and more. Read more about all the other new features by clicking on the button below.

Introducing Baby FaceReader
Introducing Baby FaceReader!

Get this – Baby FaceReader enables you to recognize the facial expressions of an infant automatically! Since young infants are unable to provide verbal feedback, their facial expressions can provide extra insights that help to understand their emotional reactions. With Baby FaceReader, which will soon be released, you can analyze infant responses to taste, odor, and other sensory stimuli, detect the expressive behaviors that occur during parent-child interactions, and more.

Emotional heatmap generated by CubeHX
Efficient UX data insights with Cube

CubeHX is a revolutionary new tool for UX research. This cloud-based software platform combines behavioral data collected from human behavior research in order to provide quick and complex insights to professionals developing human experiences. CubeHX goes beyond traditional gaze heat maps used in eye tracking, and captures the complete user experience by triangulating facial expressions, physical reactions, and eye tracking data.

Remotely viewing the test session
New features in upcoming Viso release

Viso 8, our easy-to-use AV solution, will be accessible from any location using the new web interface. This will enable you to view locations and live sessions in Viso online via commonly used browsers on any operating system. In the upcoming release, Viso will help you to comply with privacy legislations by creating an audit trail, which keeps track of who had access to what data. Keep an eye on for release updates.

Tracking customers'walking patterns
Tracking customers’ walking patterns

Noldus teamed up with Jan Linders supermarkets – one of the largest chains in the Southern Netherlands - in order to measure the route customers take when visiting their supermarket. Based on this project, Jan Linders has implemented some changes that seem to be successful in directing customers to specific areas in the supermarket, which has had a positive impact on the products they buy. Read on to learn how this research was performed!

Highlights of 2018
Blog post: Highlights of 2018

Every year, researchers dive deeper and discover more insights into human behavior, including what behavior is occurring when a pain point is found, what behavior can be seen due to environmental change, and what behavior is happening in a supermarket. Read this blog post to get quick access to all highlights from our 2018 Behavioral Research Blog articles.

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