Doctor-patient interaction

Volume 1, Issue 1 | December 2018
Meet us at the IMSH
Meet us at the IMSH conference

We look forward to meeting you in San Antonio, Texas, USA at the International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH)! Our representative will show you Viso, which is our reliable and easy-to-use AV solution, as well as our stationary and portable simulation labs. To complete your solution, The Observer XT software can integrate all the data streams you want and take care of the advanced analysis. Please stop by at booth #436 for more information and to say hi!

Facial expression analysis during doctor-patient interaction
The use of facial expressions

Examining non-verbal behavior during doctor-patient interactions or gaining more insights into psychiatric disorders are a few examples in which the analysis of facial expressions can benefit your research. FaceReader is the most robust and automated system to automatically analyze facial expressions. With its upcoming release, it is possible to design custom expressions such as workload, pain, and embarrassment. Wait, there’s more! Visit the website for more  information on benefits and new features.

Simulation-based team training
Simulation-based team training

The author of our guest blog post, Annemarie Fransen of the Máxima Medical Center in Veldhoven, The Netherlands, focused her PhD thesis on the development and evaluation of simulation-based team training in obstetrics. Her research shows that simulation-based team training is effective in improving the communication and cooperation of obstetric care teams and has positive effects on patient health.

Remotely view the training session
New features in upcoming Viso release

Viso 8, our easy-to-use AV solution, will be accessible from any location using the new web interface. This will enable you to view locations and live sessions in Viso online via commonly used browsers on any operating system. Furthermore, it allows you to start and stop recordings remotely. In the upcoming release, Viso will help you to comply with privacy legislations by creating an audit trail, which keeps track of who had access to what data. Keep an eye on for release updates!

The impact of the layout of an OR
Moving efficiently in the OR

With the use of prerecorded videos of surgeries, the team of Sara Bayramzadeh examined the impact of the layout of an OR on the work patterns and flow disruptions of a circulating nurse (CN). They focused on the impact of healthcare facility design on user experience, safety, and efficiency. The Observer XT facilitated viewing videos simultaneously while coding the observations. Please check out more details about this study in the blog post below.

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