BayesiaLab 8

BayesiaLab 8 Released Today

At last month's BayesiaLab Conference in Chicago, the new version 8 of BayesiaLab made its official debut. Today, this highly-anticipated software release is finally available for download, both for existing users and those who wish to try it.

New & Updated Features & Functions

Here is a small selection of new or updated features released in BayesiaLab 8:

  • The Data Import Wizard suggests the number of bins for the discretization of your continuous variables according to the number of observations in your data set.
  • R2-GenOpt*, an extended version of R2-GenOpt, utilizes a specific MDL score for choosing a suitable number of bins.
  • In addition to the Multi-Quadrant Analysis, you can analyze segmented datasets with the Impact on Target and Profile tools. 
  • The brand-new WebSimulator Editor allows you to define and test all settings of your simulator within BayesiaLab before publishing it.
  • The Start-Up Page gives you quick access to BayesiaLab's main functions and recent networks.
  • You can choose the Appearance of each node from five predefined graphical elements: DiscBadgeMonitorGauge, and Bar.
  • When copying nodes, arcs, and notes, you can also Paste the Format of these objects.
  • Parameter Updating takes into account the observations set in the monitors for updating the quantitative part of the Bayesian network.
  • You can use Search to find and run Actions.
  • You can directly associate Long Names with nodes without having to use the Node Comment field.
  • Users of BayesiaLab Floating Token Licenses can define an Inactivity Timeout for Automatic Disconnect with the Bayesia License Server.

Additionally, a completely new set of icons gives BayesiaLab 8 a fresh and sharp look across all devices, screen sizes, and resolutions.

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Launch Presentation in Chicago

Of course, the best way to learn about all of BayesiaLab's innovations is to hear from Bayesia's CEO, Dr. Lionel Jouffe, who has been leading its development for nearly 20 years. Please check out Lionel's 36-minute launch presentation from our recent conference in Chicago.

Lionel Jouffe: Introducing BayesiaLab 8

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