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Happy Holidays from the Climate Action Collaborative!

The Holiday's are a time for being with friends and loved ones, it is also a time for decorating and gift giving! While keeping the holiday spirit alive, it's important we are thoughtful of the way we are wrapping, decorating, and gift giving to minimize our footprint on the planet. Here are a few small things you can consider doing this holiday season!

#1 Buy a real tree, not a fake one
Fake trees are made of plastic, typically only last a year or two, and end up in the landfill

#2 Use recyclable or reusable wrapping
Use boxes or reusable bags for wrapping! Or, just be sure your wrapping paper can be recycled



#3 Buy local or second-hand gifts
Give thrift shop items a new life and cut emissions associated with shipping for online shopping


Learn more about these tips and how to execute them with ease, here!



Cutting a tree is easy as can be!

Get a National Forest permit to cut your own tree this year

You can get a permit from the National Forest Service (office in Minturn) for $10. Save some money at the grocery store and take your family on an adventure to find the perfect tree, that they'll never forget. 


4th Graders get a FREE Tree from the National Forest Service as part of the Every Kid in a Park Initiative. If you have a 4th grader in your family, make sure you take advantage of this program!

For permits & more info, check out the White River National Forest Website

hard to recycle event Jan 5th

Wondering What To Do with Holiday Waste?

Bring it by the Old Avon Town Hall on January 5th, 2019!

Materials Collected

  • Electronics 
  • Bulbs & Batteries 
  • Christmas Lights 
  • Styrofoam 
  • Textiles 
  • Paper Shredding 

Fees apply for electronics & paper shredding. Please call ahead for large loads: 970.476.3511

Get a reminder for this event by downloading the Eagle County Waste Wizard App!


Eagle River Valley Food Bank 

Cutting Emissions, Curbing Food Waste, & Feeding our Communities Most Vulnerable

Learn more about the incredible programs the Eagle River Valley Food Bank has going on this holiday season! Spread the word to your community and help spread some holiday cheer. 

eagle valley food bank market


Eagle County adopts LEED as new construction standard!

The County has updated it's internal building standards to include LEED Certification! LEED or, Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, is a strict design and construction sustainability standard that incorporates all aspects of sustainability into the built environment. LEED buildings are more energy and water efficient, use recycled materials, and are healthier for occupants to work or live in, than a traditional building.

  • LEED for all new construction projects
  • Net zero electric for all county facilities

Sustainable Building Code Task Force

Screen Shot 2018-11-13 at 9.28.37 AM

The Buildings Working Group in the Collaborative is bringing together a group of local building professionals to put together recommendations on updating the building code throughout the County.

GOAL Provide the County & Municipalities with recommendations on next code cycle updates, programs and incentives for model code and best practices from around the country, and update(s) to exterior energy use regulations.



Low-Emitting Vehicle Standard Passes in Colorado!

The Colorado Air Quality Control Council voted unanimously to pass low-emitting vehicle standards.

The Obama-era low-emitting vehicles standards that were rolled back by the Trump Administration have been adopted in Colorado! This will be an important step in limiting carbon emissions from cars in our state. 


ECO Transit Bulk Discount Purchase Pass

Are you a business looking to help your employees with transportation? Look no further! ECO Transit offers a 15% discount to any business that purchases 5 or more of the Single Ride, 10-ride, or 30-day passes!

Mix n match any pass to get to the 5 passes needed for the discount!

Passes can be ordered by emailing or calling Claire Wilson, 970-328-3526 and are mailed out the same day via FedEx, at no charge to the employer.


Textile Recycling has Arrived

The landfill now has drop bins for textile recycling

Do you have excess clothing sitting around your home that can't be donated or reused? Bring it by the textile recycling bins and give those clothes a second life! 


Waste Wizard Banners v1-05


Best Solar Rebates in the Country? Holy Cross has em!

Not to mention EnergySmart Rebates on top of that

Get up to $4,500 back from Holy Cross Energy

Get up to $500 back from EnergySmart at Walking Mountains 

Start your solar project today!