Eggplant Named a Leader by Gartner

Eggplant has been named a Leader in Gartner's 2018 Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation. We believe this placement is based on the execution of our vision for AI-driven, technology-agnostic, cross-platform automated testing and for addressing the need for testing the actual user experience.

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Eggplant Accelerator – a Personal Banking Application to Test

This accelerator is a single-page application (SPA) that simulates a mobile personal banking app. Use the app in isolation or to try out the features of Eggplant Functional and Eggplant AI with the included project files. 

It is available from our Accelerator website.



The role of testing has expanded far beyond making sure that an e-commerce website can cope with a traffic surge during the holiday shopping season. In the world of aerospace and defense, and for the Orion spacecraft project in particular, software testing is mission-critical.

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Webinar: 4 Real Ways AI Is Transforming Testing


AI is clearly the big topic in testing this year, but how is AI really going to impact testing over the next two years? This presentation describes four concrete ways AI is changing testing.

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Webinar: Delivering a 5 Star Digital Experience in Financial Services with Eggplant  


In the highly competitive financial services industry, companies’ online and mobile interactions with customers are make-it or break-it experiences. So how can you ensure an amazing experience for your users?         

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Webinar: Testing Hospital Systems End-to-End with Eggplant


This webinar will dive into test automation across everything from EMR/EHR, ERP software, PACS, blood bank technology, patient portals, and much more.


Video: How to Measure The Impact of Your Digital Transformation on Customer Experience

Learn how to measure if your digital transformation has improved the customer experience. We'll show you how in just 90 seconds!

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Enhanced Notifications in Real Customer Insights

By Drew Post, Product Manager

Revenue, conversions, response start time, page load duration, active sessions and bounces – six key KPIs across millions of possible combinations of device types, operating systems and browser versions – all monitored for their actual vs expected performance. The real-time insight engine in Real Customer Insights is pretty impressive. Read more

Are the World's Top Websites Fast Enough?

By Alex Painter, Senior Web Performance Consultant  

At Eggplant, part of our business is about helping organizations deliver fast websites that deliver great customer experiences. To do that, we measure those experiences through solutions such as Monitoring Insights, Performance Analyzer and Real Customer InsightsIf you’d like to find out how your site measures up to around 700 of some of the world’s most popular, now you can! Read more.

Three Essentials for Your Website's Peak Trading Period

By Alex Painter, Senior Web Performance Consultant  

Many website owners are gearing up for their busiest time of year, with preparations well under way for the pre-Christmas rush. Part of this means making sure the website is up and running throughout the peak period. But it’s not just about availability. In this article Alex Painter outlines some essential steps to help you make sure your website delivers the best possible experience when it matters most. Read more.


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