Are degenerative discs ruining your life?

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shutterstock_107351033By the age of 50, 85 percent of the population begins to show evidence of disk degeneration; it’s the result of gravity, wear and tear and time. As your body deals with years of strain, overuse, and maybe even misuse, your discs wear down and cause back pain. Degenerated discs can occur in people as young as 20 years old as a result of trauma to the spine.

At the Illinois Back Institute we can treat degenerative discs with Functional Disc Rehydration, and physical therapy. By taking the pressure off of vertebral discs, allowing oxygen and nutrients into a disc’s nucleus, we rejuvinate the disc. Then we focus on reintegrating and reactivating the muscles by strengthening and stabilizing the spine.


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Who is susceptible to degenerative discs?

You could have degenerative discs if:

  • You have a genetic predisposition
  • Your work history involves strenous or heavy lifting
  • You have poor body mechanics
  • You encountered a traumatic back injury
  • You are overweight
  • You smoke

How we eliminate pain from degenerative discs



Marathon runner Todd Loizzo injured himself at the age of 21 years old while using his back to lift two 150-pound dumbbells. Ever since then Todd has been living with the back pain hoping it would heal over time. Over the years Todd has tried multiple physical therapies, steroid shots, pain medicine, and cortisone shots but nothing ever worked. Todd didn’t like the risks with surgery so he continued to live his life fighting through the pain.

See how we helped Todd find relief in his full story below: 


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