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The Embryo Transfer

As a Surrogate, one of the key moments in the whole journey is the Embryo Transfer. This is the moment in which the Intended Parents’ embryo is implanted into the Surrogate’s uterus. Once this simple 5-minute medical process takes place, the Surrogate can go home and begin the wait period to see if the embryo has attached. Usually after a month’s time, the first heartbeat is confirmed and then the pregnancy goes forth as usual. 

This step within the surrogacy journey is a very emotional one, not only for the Intended Parents but for the Surrogate and her family as well. This is where it all really begins. The baby is ready to continue its growth and development until its birthday.  


How have the Intended Parents prepared for this moment?  They have:

  1. Created their embryo.
  2. Been matched with a Surrogate.
  3. Signed their  Gestational Surrogacy Agreement (GSA)
  4. Placed money for the Surrogate in a trust fund.

 How has the Surrogate prepared for this moment?  She has

  1. Begun and continued her constant        communication with Omega Family Global.
  2. Undergone medical and psychological   screening.
  3. Signed her Gestational Surrogacy Agreement (GSA).
  4. Taken hormones to prepare her body for the embryo transfer.
Embryo Transfer Video
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Lets Talk the Talk: Surrogacy Lingo

1. Embryo:  The fertilized egg after it has begun the process of cell division.

 2. Embryo Transfer:  The medical procedure in which the embryo is placed inside the Surrogate’s uterus.

 3. In vitro Fertilization (IVF): Is a method of assisted reproduction that involves combining an egg with sperm in a laboratory dish.

4. Gamete is the human sex cell.  In males it is called Sperm, in females it is called egg. 

5. Intended Parents A couple or person who choose surrogacy as their family creation method.

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STEP I: The Intended Parents Questionnaire

This questionnaire has been designed to introduce the Intended Parents to the Surrogate on paper. With this in mind, the Intended Parents must put their best foot forward and be as descriptive and open as possible to engage the Surrogate’s interest. What the Surrogate reads on this document will provide her and her family insight into the Intended Parents and what type of people/person she and her family may be helping. 

The answers the Intended Parents provide, shed light towards different topics such as the type of relationship the Intended Parents would like to have with the Surrogate.  Details regarding the birth of their baby, such as if they would like to be in the delivery room at the time of the birth are also established. This is the first step of the Omega Family Surrogacy Process.  

If you are interested in applying to become an Omega Family Surrogate, please press the Apply Now button to answer 12 simple questions that will let you know if you qualify.  

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