From us to you this Holiday Season

Bringing Family Moments to Life

Children are very much a part of the holiday season. The emotion that they bring to this time of year when they see the lights... when they open their presents... and how they try new foods.. or try to make cookies. When families get together, the stories go on and on about children, grandchildren and all the happiness and mischief they bring.  For those who cannot have their own children, the yearning becomes stronger and their desire for an alternative way for family creation may increase. This is why we at Omega Family Global we do everything possible to make Surrogacy a viable option.  We value our Surrogates and do everything possible to care for them.  Surrogates are amazing women who provide the gift of life for those who cannot carry their own children.

Holidays are all about traditions, family members and the love that surrounds this beautiful time of year. This is a time for giving, and our Surrogates provide the most valuable gift to Intended Parents, which is the life of their children.  Our gift, as Omega Family Global, to our Surrogates and Intended Parents is knowing that they are in the best hands. They both  can rest at ease this holiday season, knowing that their family creation process is underway, and to all Surrogates, that we will hold your hand as much as you like during the whole journey.

From us to you,thank you all for Bringing Family Moments to Life.

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Holiday Tribute to our Surrogates

Thank you, Omega Family Surrogates, for bringing family moments to life.

Our amazing surrogates are full of compassion, not only for the holidays but all year round. As mothers, our Surrogates understand the happiness, the purpose and feeling of fulfillment that nourish their hearts as they watch their own children grow every day. Our Surrogates could not bear not having them in their lives. They can only imagine the plight that Intended Parents go through, each holiday season knowing that they will never be able to have children of their own.  

Our Surrogates are natural givers who through Surrogacy find a way where they can give someone a joy that she and her family already posses. This is the true spirit of the holiday season, to be able to give, from the heart and for others. 

Happy Holidays form Omega Family Global. 



"Eating for two" 

Pregnancy can be synonymous with cravings and with wanting to "eat for two".  When a women is pregnant, jokes about "eating for two" becomes common, and this can subconsciously affect their eating habits.  We encourage substituting this concept with  lets have a good calorie intake. This calorie intake will be determined by a doctor. There are many foods that you can enjoy during the holidays that are not fried or overindulgent in sugar. 

Taking care of yourself and the baby does not mean missing out on holiday cookies.  One tip we can give you is make sure that 1/2 of your plate is filled with fruits and vegetables, 1/4 of protein and the other with carbohydrates. 

 Happy Holidays! 




STEP 2: Review Gestational Surrogate Profiles

A Gestational Surrogate Profile is a document that provides information about the potential Surrogate. To have a Surrogate Profile released it is necessary that the Surrogate provide her Medical records to Omega.  These are vital to the profile, because if the Medical Records do not reflect that the potential Surrogate is ready for her Journey, Omega will not share them with Intended Parents. If a Surrogate regularly goes to the doctor and has her check ups, getting her medical records is relatively easy. She just has to ask for them. Sometimes the Doctors Office will charge a fee to release the medical records, and they can take up to 30 days to release.  The cost of these medical records is something that the Surrogate will cover. Other times, the Doctors office will provide them for free. These medical records are a key component for the Surrogate Profile, without them, the Surrogate will not be eligible for a match.

In the Gestational Surrogate Profile the Surrogate presents herself to the Intended Parents.  She now has the opportunity to tell the story that explains her interest in becoming a Surrogate. Some of the topics that Intended Parents will find in the Gestational Surrogate Profile is the Surrogates' willingness to carry twins, what the Surrogate does in her free time and how the Surrogate communicates her journey in her different life-circles. Stories are a vital part of the Surrogacy Journey for both the Intended Parents and the Surrogate. With the information found in this document the Intended Parents may begin to feel a connection towards their Surrogate. Answering these questions will provide the basis for the bond necessary for the whole Journey to be a wonderful family creating opportunity.  

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