Product Notice #0345

Product Notice

New License Key for Microsoft Teams Support

AudioCodes has introduced a new License Key ("SW/TEAMS") that enables Microsoft Teams Direct Routing support on its SBC, Gateway and MSBR product lines. The License Key enables connecting a customer's device to the Microsoft Phone System. The customer's device can be connected to any SIP trunk, TDM line, or third-party telephony equipment.

The License Key enables the following:

  • Connectivity and pairing AudioCodes device with Microsoft Teams Hub for Direct Routing.
  • Connecting AudioCodes device to any SIP trunk, PSTN line or customer-owned telephony equipment such as third-party PBXs, analog devices, and Microsoft Phone System.

The following License Keys must be enabled on AudioCodes devices to activate the Microsoft Teams feature:

  • Microsoft License ("MSFT"): Most of AudioCodes devices are shipped by default with this license (except the MSBR product series, Mediant 500 Gateway & E-SBC, and Mediant 500L Gateway & E-SBC).
  • Microsoft Teams License ("SW/TEAMS"): All AudioCodes devices that support Microsoft Teams (see Affected Products below) require this license to support Microsoft Teams.


  • The current version does not display the "SW/TEAMS" License Key on the License Key page; this will be supported in Version 7.20A.250.
  • An optional license to support HA-pair with Microsoft Teams can also be purchased ("SW/TEAMS/R").
  • The "SW/TEAMS" license automatically enables the following voice coders:
    • SILK Narrowband
    • SILK Wideband
    • OPUS Narrowband
    • OPUS Wideband
  • Number of required SBC sessions must be ordered separately.
  • If media transcoding is required, customers must order the appropriate transcoding license sessions.

Since AudioCodes has a joint support agreement with Microsoft for Teams Direct Routing devices, Customers deploying this solution with AudioCodes will benefit from this program.

Effective Version

The feature is available from Version 7.20A.204.015 and later.


The License Key for Microsoft Teams can be ordered using the following CPNs:

CPN Description
SW/TEAMS License Key for Microsoft Teams
SW/TEAMS/R License Key for AudioCodes device High-Availability (HA) with Microsoft Teams

Affected Products

  • Mediant 500 Gateway & E-SBC
  • Mediant 500L Gateway & E-SBC
  • Mediant 500 MSBR
  • Mediant 500L MSBR
  • Mediant 800B/C Gateway & E-SBC
  • Mediant 800B/C MSBR
  • Mediant 1000B Gateway & E-SBC
  • MP-1288 Gateway & E-SBC
  • Mediant 2600 E-SBC
  • Mediant 4000 SBC
  • Mediant 4000B SBC
  • Mediant 9000 SBC
  • Mediant Software (SE, VE & CE) SBC

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