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NMFC Changes Effective December 29, 2018

Supplement 4 from the Commodity Classification Standards Board has been posted. This notice lists various changes to NMFCs and packaging rules that will go into effect on December 29, 2018.

See Full List Of Classification Changes

Some of the commodities that will be affected include:

  • NMFC Item 28160; Boots, NOI, Footwear, NOI, other than hosiery, Shoes, NOI.  Will change from a straight class 150 to a two-tier density break.  Less than 6 pcf is class 200, 6 pcf or greater is class 125
  • NMFC Item 123550; Machines, ice making.  Will change from a straight class 92.5 to a three-tier density break.  Less than 6 pcf is class 250, 6 but less than 10 pcf is class 150, 10 pcf or greater is class 92.5
  • NMFC Items 61900; Fans, exhaust or ventilating and 61920; Fans, NOI are cancelled.  New NMFC Item 61910 is created to encompass exhaust/ventilating fans and fans, NOI.  This item will have a two-tier density break, less than 6 pcf is class 200, 6 pcf or greater is class 110

If you need assistance updating the TMS system to reflect the proper classification, please contact us or reach out to our Client Services team. Our team is available to assist you with any questions you may have.


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