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Research — Industry research curated for your convenience

Digital learning stats

We put the latest research from a range of high-profile research organisations, including Deloitte, PwC and LinkedIn at your fingertips. This time we have taken research from Towards Maturity. Spend time focusing on the important tasks and let us supply the latest research.


Free — 101 ideas to supercharge digital learning

101 digital learning ideas

The way we work, learn and play is changing for the better. Finally, learning is fun and affordable. Check out 101 ways to help you get the most from digital learning in your organisation. Talk to us today about amazing opportunities that exist in digital learning right now that can help you supercharge learning and development.


MIT research — How to make video learning 'sticky'

Science MIT

Understanding what drives engagement, retention and application, is one of the greatest challenges facing the learning industry today. This video shows just how critical it is for organisations to understand the impact of video-based training and which types are more effective. Talk to us today about how our experts can help to make learning stick in your organisation. 


Try this — Gamified quiz


It's always tricky to reinforce messages that some people just don't want to hear. This snippet of a gamified quiz we created, proves that you can take a different approach in raising awareness on topics in your organisationIt's micro, it's fun and it's to the point. Talk to us today about how we can breath new life into your old content and increase staff engagement.  


New — How our Learning Experience Designer's create


This month our Learning Experience Designer's tap into the science behind 'spaced reptition' when creating learning assets. The benefits of better supporting learner memory in L&D with spaced learning is real, today more and more organisations are beginning to incorporate it into their L&D strategy. Speak to us about how we can help your staff better retain information.


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