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Energy Efficiency: Part 2

Looking outside the box (home) for energy savings. 

Efficient energy use, sometimes simply called energy efficiency, is the goal to reduce the amount of energy required to provide products and services. When we think about energy efficiency, it’s typically in reference to a buildings energy use. However, there are many means of reducing the amount of energy required to provide products and services.

One way to do this that is often overlooked is recycling!

Recycling is a waste diversion strategy, but the real crux of why recycling exists is because it saves huge amounts of energy compared to extracting raw materials!

Learn more about recycling’s impact on energy use along with other energy saving tips below!



Resource-Depletion-Energy-SavedRecycling & Energy Use

Recycling cardboard, aluminum, plastic and glass means less raw materials need to be extracted from the Earth. This means less energy, water, and labor to make the same product. 

Check out more about recycling's impact on energy use and tips for recycling right, here!


Homes & Energy Use

Last month's newsletter included some quick tips to saving energy in your home this winter. Now that you've got those down, here are a few more to keep you saving!

  1. Wash your clothes in cold water - save energy from heating the water
  2. Don’t leave your electronics on all day – turn off computers, printers, monitors when you need them! 
  3. Don’t leave your phone plugged in over night. It only needs a couple hours to charge and it pulls energy the rest of the time.

Greater Eagle Fire Protection District - New Solar Array!


The Greater Eagle Fire Protection District in Eagle, CO recently installed a 26.1 kW array on their roof. The PV is expected to generate 57% of the total annual energy use of the Fire Station.


Learn more about the PV array and other efficiency projects the Eagle Fire District is working on here!


Walking Mountains Sustainability Presents the
Sustainable Film Series Kicks Off!

Walking Mountains Sustainability will be screening of several environmental films over the ski season that teach us about important issues related to climate change that our planet is facing. Join us after each film for a discussion about the film! Times & dates of each film are below!

sustainablefilm 2


USGBC Benchmarking & Energy Management Event

The US Green Building Council Chapter will be hosting an event focused on benchmarking energy use and energy management in a building. Tracking and monitoring the energy use of your home or business is a proven strategy that leads to energy savings. You can reduce what you don’t measure! Join us to learn about the importance of tracking energy use and the tools available to do it!

USGBC_Colorado_stacked_black (1)When & Where
December 12th from 4:30-6:30 PM
Walking Mountains Science Center
Register for the event here!


sustainable-building-considering-more-than-the-bottom-lineSustainable Building Code Task Force

The Buildings Working Group in the Collaborative is bringing together a group of local building professionals to put together recommendations on updating the building code throughout the County.

GOAL Provide the County & Municipalities with recommendations on next code cycle updates, programs and incentives for model code and best practices from around the country, and update(s) to exterior energy use regulations.



Eagle County FLM Public Meeting Flyer_public meeting


First/Last Mile Study Underway

Come provide your input on how to improve access to and from ECO Transit stops! We’ll be discussing opportunities for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, Transportation Demand Management, ride-hailing and bike share that will make it easier to take the bus.

November 14th from 6:30-8:30PM
Eagle County Building, Garden Level (500 Broadway St, Eagle)


transitECO Transit Bulk Discount Purchase Pass

Are you a business looking to help your employees with transportation? Look no further! ECO Transit offers a 15% discount to any business that purchases 5 or more of the Single Ride, 10-ride, or 30-day passes!

Mix n match any pass to get to the 5 passes needed for the discount!

Passes can be ordered by emailing or calling Claire Wilson, 970-328-3526 and are mailed out the same day via FedEx, at no charge to the employer.


Residential Compost Drop Sites 

If you haven’t signed up to access one of the compost drop sites near you, follow this link to sign up!

Eagle County Waste Wizard!

Have you ever stood by a trash, recycle, or compost bin with no idea on where to put your waste? Wonder no more!! 

Introducing the Eagle County Waste Wizard App! Type any material into the app and it will give you Eagle County specific instructions, on how to dispose of your waste!
  • Learn what can and can't be recycled at your home
  • Keep up to date with Hard to Recycle events

Have a map to recycling drop centers in the palm of your hand!

Download the Eagle County Waste Wizard Recycling App!

googleplay  app store


How to buy renewable energy from Holy Cross Energy

Click below to check out the latest Climate Action Collaborative blog post about what a renewable energy certificate is, and how they can help advance the development of renewable energy locally and around the Country. 

What are renewable energy credits?