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Research — Industry research curated for your convenience


We have plucked some of the best learning research from Brandon Hall Group, to help keep you alert to the changing face of modern learning. Want to see more of the research we use? Check out the Industry Research page we have created for you to enjoy. 


New — The corporate guide to digital learning and the LMS

guide-to-elearning email

Logicearth's free resources are developed to help you become better informed and make a bigger impact on your organisation's strategy. Want some new ideas for the services you provide? Check out our unique guide to digital learning and the LMS.  


Video — How to rethink leadership development


Forming good leadership practices early in a leader’s development is critical because poor leadership and management is costly. A high percentage – almost half – of new leaders fail. And, as we are repeatedly told, employees don’t quit companies, they quit managers! Around 1/3 of an organisation’s employee turnover can be avoided through better leadership.

Watch the video or speak to us today about how you can impact leadership development in your organisation.  


Video — How we help clients to be the best at what they do


Psst - Here's a sneak peek of a new learning experience that enabled one of our clients to become self-sufficient in creating modern learning - and modernising their accreditation process. 

By plugging LearningPlay into our clients LMS, we are helping them to combine gamification, social learning, micro-learning, spaced learning and personalised learning. Speak to us today about how we can help you easily turn content into modern learning.


Building trust — Percipio video of the week


A clear intention is the basis of effective communication, and understanding your audience ensures that the message is delivered. Learn how body language, vocal tone, and emotions influence your communications and build audience trust. This video will help you to tailor your communication based on your relationship history with your audience. 

Talk to us today about transforming skills training in your organisation. 


New — How our Instructional Designers create


Most workplace learning happens on the job rather than through formal courses. Knowing this, our Instructional Designers tap into the hidden wealth of informality when designing digital learning assets. In this new blog feature, TALKING IDS, you will get a glimpse of their conversations and thought process when designing courses.   

Speak to us about how our instructional designers can help turn your staff into enthusiastic learners.


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