Product Notice #0342

Product Notice

Hardware Change for MediaPack™
MP-112 and MP-114

This Product Notice is an official announcement by AudioCodes notifying of an updated hardware revision for the SIP-based MP-112 and MP-114 media gateways due to components End-of-Life (EOL).

From December 2018, new orders of the affected products will be shipped with the updated hardware (HW) revision. Customers wishing to purchase MP-112 or MP-114 with the previous HW revision, must place their orders before December 2018.

MP-112 and MP-114 devices with the updated HW revision can be identified using the following methods.

Method Previous HW Revision Updated HW Revision
Command Shell Command GetHwVersions "HW Ver: 0x6" "HW Ver: 0x7"
Product Label
(bottom of device)
MP112/2S/SIP GGWV00281 GGWV00678
MP114/4S/SIP GGWV00289 GGWV00679
MP114/4O/SIP GGWV00287 GGWV00680
MP114/2S/2O/SIP GGWV00288 GGWV00681


  • The updated HW revision is compatible with Software Version 6.60A.349.003 and later.
  • Software versions earlier than 6.60A.349.003 must not be loaded to devices with the updated HW revision. (In any case, the device blocks this if loaded through the Web interface or Auto-Update mechanism.)
  • MP-112 and MP-114 that are based on the previous HW revision support all software versions.
  • The updated HW revision supports the same feature set as the previous HW revision, with the exception of 3-way conference capacity. The updated MP-112 supports a single 3-way conference call and the updated MP-114 supports two 3-way conference calls. In addition, each established conference call disables one of the device's FXS ports.

Effective Date

December 2018.

Affected Products

  • MP-112 FXS (SIP)
  • MP-114 FXS (SIP)
  • MP-114 FXO (SIP)
  • MP-114 FXS/FXO (SIP)

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