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Executive Briefing: November 2018


World Vision is delighted to send you our Executive Briefing for Economic Empowerment. You are an integral part of our work to end extreme poverty by 2030, so we want to keep you updated on our progress!


The Ministry of Coffee

By Christopher Shore, Chief Development Officer

Are you thankful for coffee? Ever thought about how it gets to you? Would you call coffee a ministry?

  Raking beans 

Henry and Marisol had a dream. They wanted to help the people of their community create incomes from their coffee farms so farmers and their children would have a future and a hope in Santa Theresa, Honduras. They created Cocrebistol Coffee Cooperative to grow high quality, fair trade organic coffee. They found coffee buyers in Europe. But their dream kept growing – they wanted to sell in the USA.

Trey Rummel had a dream. He wanted to help people coming out of incarceration and addiction get good and meaningful jobs. He started 9th Hour Coffee that does exactly that by providing coffee services to companies not only in and around Houston, but now rapidly expanding around the USA.  He had a great story for his mission with his workers, but he had no compelling story about the coffee itself – other than it tastes great.

  L to R: Dr. Greg Allgood, Freddy Pinto, Cody Nath,
  Henry Herrera Ramirez and Trey Rummel

Henry and Marisol help members of the cooperative learn all about the coffee growing business, from the right ways to organically fertilize and prune their coffee bushes, to how to know which coffee cherries to pick, and which to leave for a bit more ripening. They work with members to put in place “port-a-potties” during harvesting season to keep the hills clean and free from waste that would otherwise pollute the water supplies. They created a central processing plant so that the hills could be kept free of coffee processing waste, and then distribute the coffee waste back to members as organic fertilizer. They are selling the coffee and farmers were doing well, but … that old dream.

In 2017 Trey, who is from the Houston area, has always been fascinated by coffee roasting. He was working in a local church ministry with men exiting prison and addiction. He saw how they struggled to get a job. Trey started to see a business opportunity that could provide his new friends with employment. He realized that high quality coffee with a moderate price is the high value market niche in which most coffee service companies are not competing. He formed 9th Hour coffee and the business has been growing fast.  Although he could buy high quality coffee from brokers and importers, he wanted to buy coffee that would be changing lives just like the coffee service he was selling.

Loading Bags   

Because Henry and Marisol are key partners with World Vision’s THRIVE program in Honduras, World Vision staff helped to connect Cocrebistol with 9th Hour Coffee. On one of her many trips to Honduras, Amy Thompson bought some green coffee beans from Cocrebistol and took them to Trey in Houston, who roasted the beans and was astounded at the quality. 

Just this week, Trey and his financial backer, National Leadership Council member Cody Nath, traveled to Santa Theresa and purchased a sizable portion of Cocrebistol’s coffee that is certified both Fair Trade and Organic – 80,000 pounds worth! Now coffee drinkers in offices served by 9th Hour can support not only the ministry of Trey and 9th Hour, but also of Henry and Marisol and Cocrebistol.  Parents and children in Houston and Santa Theresa are celebrating an early Thanksgiving.


Trey is running his business as a mission.  Henry and Marisol turned their mission into a business.  Business as mission, and mission as business.  Sounds like World Vision’s THRIVE program at work!

Keep an eye on 9th Hour Coffee’s website in coming months for a chance to buy this amazing Honduran coffee.

Big Gifts, Exponential Impact

The fourth in our series of five articles is up featuring Stu and Robin Phillips.  Read how these major donors are eliminating extreme poverty with World Vision

by Heather Klinger

In 2010, when rereading The Hole in Our Gospel while spending time at Moriah Ranch, his family’s 14,000-acre vacation getaway in Wyoming, Stu Phillips heard God ask him what possession he valued most. Looking at his surroundings, he instantly knew the answer — Moriah Ranch.

 Stu   Robin 

Empowering people to care for themselves and advocating on behalf of the vulnerable have been lifelong passions for Robin and Stu Phillips. They describe the blessings God has provided them as numerous, extraordinarily powerful, and, as they have discovered, requiring obedience.

“God had gone out of his way to make it clear from the beginning of our business that he was the one who was enabling us to proceed, grow, and thrive,” said Stu, 65. “So because of his intervention early on and his engagement after that, he had prepared us for the time when he was going to ask for those resources to be used in a different way. He’s an amazing God.”

 Continue reading here.

Thank You from Malawi

National Director for Malawi Hazel Nyathi would like to thank all of the donors who have supported the THRIVE programs in Malawi! Please watch her video of appreciation below!

 Upcoming Calendar Events
  • Vision Trips (please contact your World Vision representative about participating)
    • Kilimanjaro Climb plus Tanzania THRIVE (February 2-15, 2019) with Vinh & Leisle Chung
    • Zambia (April 8-13, 2019) On this trip you will travel with Chief Development Office Christopher Shore to see all of the great THRIVE work in Zambia.
    • Honduras (April 22-26, 2019) On this trip you will see the work in four different sectors over this four day trip, including EE!
  • Strong Women Strong World (November 30, 2018) in New York, New York
  • Strong Women Strong World (December 7, 2018) in San Francisco, California
  • South Florida Economic Empowerment Summit (January 26, 2019) in Naples, Florida
  • Michael Mithika US Tour (January 25-February 9, 2019)
  • Every Last One Conference (March 8-9, 2019) in Carlsbad, CA
  • THRIVE / Building Secure Livelihoods Forum (April 1-5, 2019) in Lilongwe, MALAWI

Prayer Requests


  • For the partnership between THRIVE Honduras coffee farmers with 9th Hour Coffee which will get their coffee into the US markets.
  • For generous donors who have provided “match” funds for our THRIVE-like work in Mali – only $40,000 left to raise from a $1.6 million requirement.


  • For safety and peace for colleagues and partners in Tanzania, where governmental changes is raising uncertainty and causing disruption in many Economic Empowerment programs.
  • For God’s leading and blessing on the Fork to Farm event follow-up from events in San Francisco, Minneapolis, and Madison.
  • For the upcoming Vision Trips to Honduras (another starting November 12).
  • For the planning processes for 4 large events:
    • Strong Women Strong World in New York
    • Strong Women Strong World in San Francisco
    • South Florida Economic Empowerment Summit
    • THRIVE Forum in Malawi
  • For the planning for the Every Last One Summit in Carlsbad.
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