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October 2018


Math Video Games, Today's Modern Story Problems

Ask a student to complete a math equation and you may be met with a questioning look. Now put a story around the math problem and it becomes much easier for the student to visualize what needs to be done. Game-based learning does much the same thing. Read more...

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Video Games by the Numbers

Video game usage is increasing dramatically – for play, for learning and for competition. The video game market is on an impressive growth trajectory with more households playing games, more students studying games and more colleges embracing games.

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Improving Science Literacy Worldwide

Triseum CEO André Thomas was invited to present at the World Conference on Science Literacy last month, where he discussed innovation in education and engagement in STEM programs. The event brought together more than 1,000 people from government agencies, science organizations, businesses, universities and research institutions around the world. Read more...

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'Play Beyond the Game' Exhibit
Explores Powerful Role of Gaming
in Everyday Life

The Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum in Beijing is host to an interactive exhibit that explores the merging of culture, art, science and technology in video games. Zhang Zikang, the museum's curator, noted video games are not simply forms of entertainment, but also an inseparable part of life today. Read more...

Instructor Testimonial

"People, in general, are willing to bang their heads in a game where they generally roll their eyes and groan in a classroom. It’s stretching the students and challenging them to realize where the concepts can show up.”

-Rob Eby, Professor of Mathematics, Blinn College


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