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The Omega Way

Surrogacy is an option, when all medical alternatives have been discarded by the Intended Parents.  In some conservative environments Surrogacy can be considered taboo, which reduces the opportunity of starting a conversation regarding this topic. Omega Family Global makes it a point to bring all aspects of the surrogacy journey out in the open. This provides an honest, simple and clear environment to discuss all aspects that are important for the Surrogate, Intended Parents and the surrogacy agency.  Omega Family Global is committed in pioneering conversations and creating a framework where all parties involved in the surrogacy process, can clearly discuss rules and regulations, process and support for those connected to the process and be a part of Bringing Family Moments to Life.  This is the Omega Way.

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Surrogacy is a family creating option that is usually taken into consideration until all else fails.  The Intended Parents, have been researching information available in the field as well undergoing medical procedures to be able to carry a baby of their own.  If these efforts are not rewarded with a baby to take home, Intended Parents may consider surrogacy.  Omega Family Global strives to provide factual and practical information on surrogacy, and offers a clear and simple process to achieve the goal of having their own family.   

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Surrogacy Can Be An Option

Omega Family Global wrote this e-book to provide useful information that helps you understand the surrogacy experience.

The e-book covers topics on

  • How a surrogate feels during the process
  • How does the surrogate engage with the surrogacy agency
  • What feelings may the surrogate have throughout the journey.
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The Omega Way: Our Unique Family Creation Process

As the old saying goes, "knowledge is power".  Now, power for what? The power to make informed decisions. We at Omega Family want to show you how we work, why we work this way.  This will allow you to see what can we do to make your family creation process meet your needs.  With this is mind, during the next couple of months, we will use this section of our newsletter, to explain the way we designed our family creation journey to best fit the needs of the Intended Parents, the Surrogates and the surrogacy agency.  It is our goal to Bring Family Moments to Life.

For you to become familiarized with the basic process, we urge you to read our blog "About Omega Family Global's Unique Gestational Surrogacy Process Within the Surrogacy Experience"

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