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How can sales leaders create comp plans that motivate sellers to close, rather than running for the life boats? What will it take for field marketing and sales teams to work in harmony? Find out in this week's Enterprise Sales Weekly, along with top sales insights from around the web. 


Is Your Sales Comp Plan Motivating Your Team to Close?
Is the sales comp plan at your company effectively motivating the team—or is it the reason so many of them have left to seek opportunities elsewhere? Learn why it's so important to strike the right balance between base salary and bonus, why pay caps and retroactive payment structures can (paradoxically) motivate sellers not to sell, and why transparency reigns supreme.

Read time: 6 minutes

Field Marketing and Sales: How to Achieve a More Perfect Union
It's so important for sales and field marketing teams to be unified, which is why, in this field marketers' guide to sales alignment, we'll explore how revenue teams can actively create synergies between these sometimes disparate departments. Ready for better communication and a more robust overall revenue function? We'll show you how specific initiatives—for instance, sharing data and having sales and marketing staff shadow each other—can drive concrete gains. Because when silos exist, the entire enterprise suffers. 

Reading time: 5 minutes

Top Stories: The Week in Sales 10/3/2018
What are common barriers to success when implementing an ABM strategy? Why are tech companies so much better than ad agencies at leveraging their own services as marketing tools? How should sales leaders rally their teams after higher-value clients churn—and what can they do to make sure it's a learning experience? Answers to these questions and more are among the insights you'll find in our most recent roundup. Don't miss out on the latest major developments in your field.

Reading time: 5 minutes

Help Us Out. Win $500.
Believe it or not, nobody really knows what enterprise salespeople make across industries and experience levels—and we're looking to fix that with our definitive enterprise sales salary database. That's why we made this confidential survey. It will only take a few minutes, and with your input, we'll be able to give sellers better ground to stand on when considering their compensation. Plus, you'll have a chance to win a $500 gift card. Win/win.

Survey time: 3 minutes

Required Reading: The Ultimate IT Sales Playbook
What's really going on during each step in the IT sales process, at least from the buyer's perspective? To find out, we asked our Emissaries—all former senior IT executives from companies like Merck, CVS, Kellogg’s, Johnson & Johnson and more. We've compiled their answers in this must-read playbook, full of real-world, non-hypothetical tips for winning over the biggest enterprise IT departments.

Reading time: 30 minutes

Enterprise Careers: Top Sales Jobs This Week

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