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October 2018 Edition

Community clarity

At .id we try to make our information products as relevant to your work as possible by employing the mantra, “Inform, Persuade, Engage”.

Inform yourself about the characteristics of your community based on the evidence, persuade decision makers of your decisions based on a strong evidence-based narrative and engage your stakeholders by presenting them with this narrative in a compelling way.

We listen to you too. We heard that you want to know more about specific communities that you are engaging. You want more detailed data.

Answers to many of these questions can be found by cross-tabulating Census data - digging deeper to uncover the demographic characteristics of specific communities you serve.

So we combined .id’s best technical brains with our profound knowledge of Census data to develop the ‘Communities of Interest’ (CoIs) module for profile.id.

This module holds some amazing insights for anyone who is planning or delivering community services - I urge you to be curious and explore the CoI’s further. Go forth and inform yourself; persuade your decision makers and engage your communities!

Author Ivan

Demographic analysis

Communities of Interest - the Census superpower



If you work in community services and you haven't yet discovered cross-tabulated data (what we call Communities of Interest or CoIs), take a moment to read this case study with the Community services team from Maroondah City Council.

From identifying emerging ethnic communities to calculating the uptake of services and planning for health and active ageing, the team at Maroondah offer some practical tips for any team wanting to get the most out of this powerful dataset.


Housing strategy

How to build an evidence base for your housing strategy

Low income households


We know strategic planning teams in local councils across New South Wales are currently preparing an evidence base for their Local Housing Strategies to support district and regional housing plans.

However, such an evidence base will be essential in any housing strategy. 

If you are preparing a housing strategy, check out Georgia's step-by-step guide (with pictures), pointing out exactly what data you need to prepare your evidence base, and where to find it.


Local economies

Are there enough jobs for your local residents?

Growth area planning


This month, we completed a major update to our 'self-sufficiency' and 'self-containment' data in our economic profiles.

Often, as suburbs gentrify, people in lower-paid professions may not be able to afford to live near the suburbs where they work, forcing them into longer commutes. 

Self-sufficiency and self-containment data helps councils understand this phenomenon, so they can develop strategies to support, attract and retain workers with the skills and qualifications that are 'at risk' of being lost in their community.


Employment trends

Measuring the casualisation of your workforce

Submit your questions for the 2021 Census


The ‘gig economy’ is the most recent incarnation of a decades-long trend toward under-employment and the ‘casualisation’ of our workforce.

But how do you tell if this trend is playing out in your area?

Jim explains how you can distinguish between 'Employment' and 'Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Employment' data to present an accurate picture of employment in your community.


Send us your question

Ask our experts about a trend in your area

Ask an expert


Every month, we investigate a story from one of our readers and publish a small study about their place on our blog.

Tell us about the changes you’ve seen in your area here, and we’ll help you understand the demographic and economic story behind it.


Work with us

Do you know a good developer?



We're looking for developers who want to make their mark on the next generation of .id's tools.

We’re evolving our legacy systems to continue developing new ways of supporting community decision-makers with the best possible information.

Our Demographics team are a small team with great domain knowledge looking to back-fill and expand our engineering skill set.

With the rest of .id, we embrace agile principles and methodologies. We’re looking for an experienced full-stack engineer with solid database, back-end and DevOps experience. This technical leadership role will be challenging, rewarding and varied.

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