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transparent-twitter-simple-5investing in girls and women yields one of the best social returns

transparent-twitter-simple-5when her potential is unleashed, extreme poverty doesn't stand a chance

It's more than just a day

On Thursday, October 11, the global community will acknowledge the International Day of the Girl Child. The internet will be filled with quotes and quips, many of them just using the international day as an excuse to sell something.  But this day is so much more than that.

It's about millions of young girls who are being held back from reaching their God-given potential.  Today.  Right now.  All over the world.  It's not okay.  It's not right.  And frankly, it's not very smart either.

The evidence is indisputable.  When women and girls have better access and opportunity, progress is accelerated.  Children are better cared for, families are stronger, and communities are more prosperous. 

The end of poverty does begin with her.  Not because she is stronger or better or more important than boys and men in her life and community.  But because as human beings, we are stronger and better...together.

Talking and raising awareness is important.  Investing in organizations that are making change happen is essential.  Join us in our commitment to gender equality.  Because when girls and women are empowered, everyone wins.

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Join us in New York

Friday, November 30th

Registration is now open for 14th annual Strong Women Strong SWSW Event PhotoWorld Luncheon.  This powerful gathering of passionate women and men is an important and exciting opportunity to network, learn more about the issues girls and women face - and most importantly how we can work together to continue the progress that is already being made.  Learn more or register at

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