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Regulation and Corporate Governance

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In this month’s Comp & Gov Spotlight, we are focusing on trends in regulation that impact corporate governance. While jurisdictions throughout the world have recently passed measures promoting gender diversity on corporate boards, there has also been regulatory rollback in other governance areas, notably in the U.S. Farient follows these trends to present clients with a holistic picture of how regulation may impact their governance structures and policies.

Marc Hodak

Interesting Articles on Regulation and Corporate Governance 

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A Decade After the Crisis, the SEC Still Hasn’t Passed Executive Compensation Rules

Eight years after the passage of Dodd-Frank, the SEC has yet to formally approve five of the regulation’s measures governing executive compensation. This illustrates that some aspects of corporate governance regulation have largely stalled or been reversed in the U.S. 

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New IRS Guidance Regarding Section 162(m)’s Deduction Limitation for Executive Compensation – Increased Complexity and Reduced Availability of Grandfathering

The IRS recently issued guidance on complying with new rules on the tax deductibility of employee compensation, in line with the provisions of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The notice will likely increase compliance complexity and heavily restrict the ability to grandfather in pre-TCJA compensation arrangements.  

Hot off the Press from Farient

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Board Diversity Legislation: What You Need to Know

The California State Assembly passes a bill setting requirements for gender representation on corporate boards. Farient’s Dayna L. Harris analyzes how such regulations will impact corporate governance.

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SEC Rescinds Guidance Providing Regulatory Support for Using Proxy Advisors

As part of the current U.S. administration’s deregulatory efforts, the SEC has rescinded regulatory guidance on the use of proxy advisors. This will reduce the influence that major proxy firms have on Say on Pay votes, among other things.

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Marc Hodak is a Partner at Farient Advisors with more than 20 years of experience as a compensation and corporate governance consultant. He has developed executive and board compensation programs for global companies, both private and public including extensive work around goal setting, performance, and perverse incentives. Learn more about Marc.

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