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Arria Powers EY's New NLG Portal
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PR Newswire 9 October 2018

Arria’s NLG Artificial Intelligence engine powers EY’s Natural Language Generation portal

Arria is pleased to announce the successful launch of EY’s Natural Language Generation portal which is being used to turn their raw data into insightful narratives at an unprecedented speed and scale. This allows EY employees to make better and faster decisions and to provide its clients with exceptional client service.

EY’s NLG portal is the single point of entry for all NLG applications within one of the main service lines of EY—its Transaction Advisory Services. This is a major milestone for Arria as well as for EY as this portal is the central point for all things NLG within EY and it is powered by Arria. This is also a key milestone for EY as they are a traditional, conservative organization which has embraced NLG technology—meaning the company has transformed how it fundamentally does business going forward.

Rob Moody, Chief Innovation Officer, EY UK&I for Transaction Advisory Services, comments: “The advent of disruptive digital and intelligent automation technologies is fundamentally changing our role and the services we offer to our clients. By embracing disruptive technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, EY is well positioned to fundamentally change our operating model while producing consistent and high quality reporting and analytics for our clients. "

Arria NLG’s Sr VP of Development, Nikhl Ninan commented, “It was incredible to see the commitment EY had at every step of the journey. During one of my visits I was excited to see how EY personnel embraced the use of artificial Intelligence to assist them in their day to day tasks. EY have achieved some impressive achievements:

  • 100% accurate, efficient and consistent quality of report generated by NLG

  • 10,000+ words per minute NLG writing speed (compared to 150 words per minute world record typing speed)

  • Less than one minute to output a correctly formatted report deck

  • 20% of all business content will be authored by NLG this year

EY put together a terrific global roll-out program to introduce the technology and get employee buy-in.”

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ARRIA NLG PLC is the global leader in the field of Natural Language Generation (NLG), a form of artificial intelligence software, specialized in extracting insights from complex data sources and communicating that information in natural language (i.e. as if written by a human). Arria is a global company with notable industry partners: Accenture, Cognizant, Deloitte, Genpact, IBM and others.

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