Trade wars with China, the new NDAA, shake ups in the auto world and more. We’ve parsed this month's top industry news for you.
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September 2018 Edition
Top industry news, decoded

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This Month...
This Month...

Trade wars with China, the new NDAA, shake ups in the auto world and more. We’ve parsed this month's top industry news for you here.

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First Up, the Trade War No One is Winning

Need a new iPhone? Better start saving now. International trade has gotten trickier ever since Trump hit China with $200M in Tariffs and China immediately fired back. Despite the recent stock market spike, financial experts warn that there will be no winner in this global game of chicken.

Ongoing tariffs between the US and China are likely to cause problems for everyone.
The DoD’s $717 Billion Question: More Jobs or More Machines?

Trump just signed the 2019 NDAA, approving the largest department of defense funding in decades. Is this the jolt that U.S. manufacturing needs? A similar plan is working in the UK, but economists warn that investing in jobs at the expense of manufacturing R&D could be a mistake. Luckily, the bill includes increased funding for emerging technologies such as 3D printing.

If invested wisely, the 2019 NDAA could be a boon for US manufacturing.
“Ford just ain’t what it used to be,” said 1.3 billion Chinese buyers.

American car manufacturers are struggling in one of the world’s largest markets, and it has nothing to do with tariffs. Ford hasn’t changed lineups fast enough and sales in China are down 36%, yet the company keeps tightening its wallet. Meanwhile, Volkswagen quietly builds its “factory of the future” by introducing metallic 3D printing into mass vehicle production.

Ford’s China sales are hurting, while VW leaves the rest of the industry in its 3D printing dust.
This Month’s Takeaways
Industry 4.0 tech is leaving the R&D lab and going mainstream.

We’re starting to see this across the industry, from Volkswagen 3D printing auto parts to the U.S. government committing 3D printing funds in the 2019 NDAA. At the same time, laggards are starting to see underinvestment in technology impact their bottom line, as with Ford’s recent struggles with product innovation in competitive markets like China. This serves to underscore the importance of carefully balancing investments in new technology with human skill sets and capacity. Unfortunately, the pressures on manufacturing continues to increase as tariffs escalate.


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What’s Next

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