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Hi You,

Happy Energy Efficiency Month!

Winter is coming.. and your heating bills are about to show it. 

BUT winter doesn't have to be a time for cold chills and high energy bills. This newsletter is full of ways to keep your home toasty and warm, while saving some carbon emissions in the process. Start with these quick tips to get you started!

solar heat gain

#1 Use the Sun for FREE

Open up south-facing window shades to bring in free solar heat during the day. Close your shades up at night to lock that heat inside!


#2 Adjust the Thermostat at Night & Away

Set your thermostat back at night when you're asleep and you go to work. Set them to turn up before you get home and for when get out of bed. Don't over-heat your house when you aren't there to enjoy it!

#3 Set your Ceiling Fan on Clockwise

1217720008497594689cieling fan.svg.medDid you know your ceiling fan can help keep your home warm? Seems counter-intuitive, but fans have two settings for exactly this purpose. Set your ceiling fan on clockwise mode (low speed setting) to help bring warm air accumulating on your ceiling down into your living space.


Read more Energy Saving Tips here!


Home Owners Get a Home Energy Assessment

If you don't know, you can't save!

A home energy assessment is the perfect way to understand your home and how it uses energy. When you sign up, you'll receive...

  • $100 worth of free stuff (LED Bulbs, programmable/smart thermostats, water heater blanket, etc)!
  • A report that gives you steps to take to save energy and $$$
  • Rebates (money back) for your energy saving projects!


Renters Monitor Your Energy 


Which roommate uses the most energy?

SmartHub is a app provided by Holy Cross Energy. SmartHub allows you to look at the hourly energy usage of your home. It only reports on your electricity (sorry gas users), but it gives insight into when you are using energy and how much your using. 

SmartHub can be accessed through the app or through Holy Cross's online platform.

Register today and start saving!



Business Owners Get an Energy Audit

Learn how to cut down your business's monthly energy bills!

Holy Cross offers a 50% money back rebate for any business that gets a professional-grade energy audit. Contact Holy Cross Energy to set up your Business Audit today! 



Vail Resorts Dives Deep into Energy Audits

Vail Resorts invests in Energy Audits for major facilities & office spaces

ASHRAE Level I & II audits are professional grade audits designed to show no/low cost and capital upgrade energy saving opportunities based on a buildings systems, operation, and baseline energy usage. The audit reports include detailed information on payback of energy investments through the lifetime of the upgrades. 

Read more about Vail Resorts Story here!


Eagle Valley Green Building Group Challenge!

The Eagle Valley Green Building Group (our local US Green Building Council Chapter) is hosting a year long Challenge for building professionals in the valley! Everyone is doing things that help reduce our local footprint on the environment. How can we learn from each other? 

USGBC_Colorado_stacked_black (1)

 This is the thought behind the Green Building Group Challenge. 

  • Capture something over the course of the next year that you have done to reduce your environmental footprint through green building
  • In September, 2019 our Green Building Group members will provide short presentations on what they have been focusing on in their company 
  • Together we can #BeBetterTogether!

Electric Vehicles - Grants, Sales, and Rebates

A combination of state, and local incentives and rebates make NOW the time to invest in an electric vehicles and charging infrastructure. Learn more about the following programs at this link!

  • 2018 Electric Sales EVent
  • Holy Cross Energy Charging Station Rebates
  • Charge Ahead Colorado Grants

A Summer of Sole Power!2481SolePowerLogo2

Sole Power is an annual competition for Eagle Valley Residents and Businesses to encourage walking, biking, skating, and other forms of alternative transportation during the summer months.

After a summer of Sole Power our community has reduced 42,878 lbs of CO2!

Sole Power Stats


Eagle County Waste Wizard!

Have you ever stood by a trash, recycle, or compost bin with no idea on where to put your waste? Wonder no more!! 

Introducing the Eagle County Waste Wizard App! Type any material into the app and it will give you Eagle County specific instructions, on how to dispose of your waste!
  • Learn what can and can't be recycled at your home
  • Keep up to date with Hard to Recycle events

Have a map to recycling drop centers in the palm of your hand!

googleplayapp store



Holy Cross Commits to 70% renewable energy by 2030

Click the image to learn more!