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Reviewing the 7 Stages of the Health Data Life Cycle

If value-based care is the engine that’s taking healthcare to a destination of quality improvement, better patient outcomes, and lower cost, what is fueling the engine? The answer is right in front of us – perhaps overwhelming us at times – and it will make all the difference when it comes to transforming clinical  practices, complying with a new array of quality improvement requirements and, ultimately, affecting the way and the amounts that physicians get paid for providing care. What is fueling the engine? Data. That’s why understanding the health data life cycle is vital for improving both the quality of care – for individual patients and populations – and the cost of care.

Here’s a quick review of the health data life cycle: 

  • Find the data.
  • Capture the data.
  • Normalize the data.
  • Aggregate the data.
  • Report the data.
  • Understand the data.
  • Act upon the data.

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Also check out our infographic to learn more about the "7 Risks of Using Poor Data."

7 Stages of Health Data CTA TIP SHEET

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Case Study: Rainy Lake Medical Center

Improving quality scores, staff moral, and the financial bottom line.

Healthcare facilities and clinicians have more challenges and expectations than ever from payers and patients. As reimbursement for services and treatment shifts rapidly from the fee-for-service model to value-based care, facilities and clinicians are relying more and more on data to demonstrate the value and quality outcomes of care. Ultimately, the information from the data is expected to fuel quality improvement initiatives to produce better outcomes and healthier patient populations at lower cost.

Many hospital and clinic staffs face massive challenges to achieve that goal, especially when in-house staff responsible for patient care and quality implementation is also charged with the time-consuming, highly-specialized task of data abstraction. That scenario was vividly reflected at Rainy Lake Medical Center, a 25-bed Critical Access Hospital in northern Minnesota.

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TMF/Primaris Receive High Marks For Medicare Improvement Initiatives

The TMF Quality Innovation Network Quality Improvement Organization (TMF QIN-QIO) has received high marks for its work to help reduce hospital admissions and readmissions, improve cardiac health and diabetes education, and for partnering with community health organizations on a variety of successful health care initiatives.

Those conclusions, among others, were included in a Sept. 4 Contractor Performance Assessment Report (CPAR) that evaluated the TMF QIN-QIO’s performance in health care quality improvement initiatives for the Medicare program in Missouri. As a subcontractor to TMF Health Quality Institute, Primaris is part of the TMF QIN-QIO. Primaris serves as the boots on the ground in Missouri and works with providers to promote patient-centered care, make care safer and more affordable and improve population health.

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Burnout Relief? Stop Overloading Nurses with Data Abstraction

A high rate of burnout in the nursing profession is not a myth.

According to a CareerBuilder survey from 2017, 7 in 10 nurses report feeling burned out in their current job and 54 percent of nurses rate their stress level at work as “high.” A second survey found that nearly half of participating nurses (49.8 percent) are considering leaving the nursing profession, while more than one-quarter (27 percent) of respondents reported feeling overworked.

In the U.S., there is an alarmingly significant number of unfilled nursing positions available, and that puts stress on both nurses and healthcare employers. At hospitals and healthcare clinics nationwide, nurses must take on a wider range of responsibilities and heavier workloads, which is why nurses frequently report feeling overworked.

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Blossoming Genomics, Vertical Integrations, and Better Health

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What would Lisa Suennen say?

Lisa is a blogger/podcaster extraordinaire, but those are activities she does “for fun” and to build her personal brand. Her real day job is venture capitalist and head of the healthcare ventures fund for GE Ventures in Silicon Valley, just north of San Francisco.

We connected with Lisa after reading her intriguing post, “Genomics Rising, Charlatans Circling,” in the April 4, 2018, online edition of MedPage Today.

Lisa’s is co-host of the Tech Tonics Podcast. Her blog is Venture Valkyrie. She has also authored the book, Tech Tonics: Can Passionate Entrepreneurs Health Healthcare With Technology? The top of her home page has the message, “What would Lisa Suennen say?”

Let’s find out. Click here to listen to the podcast.

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Open Enrollment Period is Coming! 
The 2018 Open Enrollment Period runs from Thursday, November 1, 2018, to Saturday, December 15, 2018Counselors from CLAIM are here to answer all of your Medicare questions by calling 800-390-3330. Insurance Counseling Services counselors are here to assist with information on the Missouri Healthcare Marketplace, contact them at 573-817-8338. All assistance is free and unbiased. Additional information on the Health Insurance Marketplace can be found here.  



Deadly Deliveries Report

USA Today recently published an extremely sobering investigative report, on the topic of the maternal death rate in the United States. According to statistics, the US number of maternal deaths has increased between 1990 and 2015 while other developed countries have a decreased number of maternal deaths over the same time span. Having been a Neonatal ICU nurse, this article pulled on my heart strings, how could we be letting this happen? But then my inner fact checker came forth and I decided I had to verify these numbers. Maybe it was that the journalists had misinterpreted the reporting, or read some obscure report. Well, while I found other statistics they all pointed to the reality that the US is definitely lagging in the quality and safety of care being provided to pregnant mothers. It doesn’t matter what statistics you use, WHO, UNICEF, or those put forth by the Global Burden of Disease, the US has seen an increase over the past 25 years in the number of women who die while pregnant, during childbirth or within a brief period after having given birth.

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The Countdown is on for CMS Web Interface Reporting

If you are planning on using the CMS Web Interface for your quality reporting this year, then it is time to get started. You might be thinking it’s a little early to start thinking about it, because the reporting period doesn’t begin until January.

While it is true that you won’t receive data from CMS until January, there are several things you can do in the months leading up to reporting season to ensure that reporting goes smoothly. Focusing on details now can help achieve the quality scores and reimbursements you want.

For more information on CMS Web Interface and how Primaris can help, download our flyer here

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