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Research — The L&D transformation journey 


We have plucked some of the best learning research from Towards Maturity: The Transformation Curve, to help keep you alert to the changing face of modern learning. Want to see more of the research we use? Check out the Industry Research page we have created for you to enjoy. 


Free eBook — 30 quick wins for L&D success


We at Logicearth want to make your life that bit easier by providing ideas and inspiration to fast-track success in modern workplace learningThis free eBook offers 30 changes that you can introduce to supercharge your L&D team. 


Video — How to embrace modern learning with little effort


Check out how you can take your existing content and turn it into a modern, slick learning experience. We’ve been helping our clients combine gamification, social learning, micro-learning, spaced learning and personalised learning with learningPlay - and the results are amazing! See for yourself now or speak to us today about how you can use learningPlay to turn your content into modern learning. 


Video - Does your team have a growth mindset?


Decades of scientific research suggests that employees with a growth mindset are 34% likelier to feel a strong sense of ownership and commitment to the company. People with a growth mind-set achieve ever-higher levels of performance, and help their organisation thrive. Your organisation can learn to adopt a growth mind-set through training - take a look. If you want to see how our Learning Experience Platform can help embed a growth mindset in your organisation - get in touch


New - Transform boring assessments into games


This month we've been using Evolve’s new game tool designed to increase engagement by transforming dull assessments into fun quizzes – this example took us just half an hour to build! Try the quiz now and share it with your team. If you want to know more about our modern digital assets list and how they can help you increase engagement - get in touch


Our top pick from Percipio this week - Communication styles


Our video of the week from Percipio helps you and your team explore strategies to become aware of attitudes toward diversity, increase your acceptance of diverse cultures, people, and ideas, and become an advocate for diversity within the workplace. If you want to find out more about Percipio and how it can transform learning in your organisation - talk to us

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