VDS has a full line of supporting hardware for Evolphin Zoom, Preview and Transcode servers.

What is Evolphin

Manage your digital media assets

Evolphin Zoom facilitates the entire end-to-end video and media asset management lifecycle for Creatives, Marketers, and IT teams.  With VDS provided servers, a full solution can be integrated easily.  Hardware solutions include:

  • DAM & VideoLX Bronze, Silver & Gold models for multiple sized workflows.
  • VideoFX Bronze, Silver & Gold models for large scale workflows.
  • VM Hypervisor Host servers for multiple workflows.

Contact VDS to schedule a product demonstration to see Evolphin in action

Learn more about all of the server options available at Versatile Distribution Services by going to www.VersatileDS.com  

To review the details for Evolphin hardware options, follow the click through listed below:

Home Page – Select Catalog
From the drop down menu titled “All Manufactures” select Evolphin

To Contact the VDS Team:

www.VersatileDS.com  855.824.0568   Sales@VersatileDS.com

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