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This week, we're sharing best practices for selling cloud solutions into big businesses, and why working more doesn't necessarily mean more revenue. Plus, how many questions is too many questions and what to stop saying in your emails.


5 Proven Strategies for Selling Cloud Solutions

Pinning down just what your prospects want when selling cloud solutions into the enterprise can be, well, nebulous. To help you gain clarity, we compiled tips from experienced MarTech and IT buyers from Fortune 500 companies. Follow their guidelines here to improve your messaging and better position yourself as an expert on all things cloud.

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Top Stories: The Week In Sales 9/11/18

It's no secret that we're big advocates of asking prospects smart questions—how else are you really going to understand (and deliver) on their needs—however, you can have too much of a good thing. In this week's roundup of top sales news, Gong discovers the exact right amount of questions to ask buyers, Adobe unveils what not to say in emails, and Salesforce gets a big update. 

Reading Time: 5 minutes each 

How to Work Less and Win More

The cure for struggling sales teams may not be doubling down and working more—it could actually be working less. It may sound crazy but we've got the science to back it up. Overworking can hurt the health of your staff and decrease performance across the board, and that's bad news for everyone. The key is to change your approach. Working smarter—not harder—is the answer, and we show you how here. 

Reading time: 5 minutes 

Required Reading: The Ultimate IT Sales Playbook

What's really going on during each step in the IT sales process, at least from the buyer's perspective? To find out, we asked our Emissaries—all former IT buyers from companies like Merck, CVS, Kellogg’s, Johnson & Johnson, and more. We've compiled their answers in this must-read playbook, full of real-world, non-hypothetical tips for winning over the biggest enterprise IT departments.

Reading time: 30 minutes

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