What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a process in which a woman goes through a pregnancy, carrying somebody else´s child. Gestational Surrogacy occurs when the surrogate mother becomes pregnant through a medical process, where the child has been conceived outside the womb.  The resulting embryo is carried by the surrogate mother until the baby is born. At birth, the baby is given to his or her biological parents.

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In this video you will learn what to expect when you decide to become an Omega Family Global surrogate. 

How Does Surrogacy Work?

What do Omega Family  Surrogates say about the experience?

Quotes from our fabulous surrogates.

Debunking Myths on Surrogacy

While researching on surrogacy, you will find may ideas such as "I cannot be a surrogate because I had my tubes tied."  or hear people say "How can you give up your baby?"'  Omega Family Global has picked out three of the most common myths, and explained why they are untrue.  This will help you understand why these statements or questions are misconceptions.  

Surrogacy has been around a long time, and so have many ideas surrounding this topic. When considering surrogacy you look for useful, pertinent information to see if becoming a surrogate is right for you or for someone you know.  By going on the surrogacy journey, women have an opportunity to show compassion towards couples who cannot have a family on their own, and seek their child to be biologically connected to them. 



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