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Monthly Newsletter: September 2018

Building Capability of World Vision Staff with Drexel and DRI

In order to reach everyone, everywhere we work with clean water by 2030, World Vision needs to strengthen and support our world class team of water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) professionals. Not surprisingly, we have a significant challenge in recruiting and retaining staff consistent with our explosive growth in impact from 2010 to present. During this time, as we’ve increased the number of people reached with clean water from 200,000 people to more than 3 million people per year, we’ve correspondingly increased our global WASH staff from less than 50 to more than 700 people. We expect to need another 300 WASH experts during the next 3 years. 

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In order to retain the best staff and improve our program delivery, World Vision has embarked on a partnership with experts at Drexel University and Desert Research Institute (DRI). The new WASH Capacity Building Plan will help develop best-in-class WASH professionals, providing hands-on training programs tailored to the diversity of the many disciplines related to WASH in Africa and around the world. While about half of our field staff have degrees from local and international universities, there is always a need to build more capacity in practical field challenges, innovations and solutions. 

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The training includes both online and intense field learning. We began with a two-year pilot to develop the program and ensure it is meeting the needs of our staff and improving our WASH efforts. The curricula have now been approved by DRI and Drexel, and provides college credit for the completed course work. Importantly, each cohort of students work together as peers to encourage each other including how to maintain their motivation and enthusiasm for the work given the often difficult circumstances of living and working in areas of extreme poverty. The students have the option to deepen their expertise in the areas of behavior change critical to improving our programming in sanitation and hygiene as well as more hardware focused efforts of providing water infrastructure. DRI and Drexel are also involving local universities in the training sessions to take advantage of local expertise, build their capacity, and create connections for recruiting new staff. 


More than 100 of our staff have already completed the semester long training sessions. Our goal is that we will train a further 10 percent of our staff each year, for the next five years. This represents a significant investment for each of the partners involved and we are extremely grateful for Drexel contributions that will total $3.2 million and DRI contributions that will total $2.2 million over five years.


Patricia Heaton honored for her charitable work with World Vision

Patty HeatonWe’re thrilled that Patricia Heaton has been recognized for her years of effort to support World Vision’s mission.   Read more here.

Op/Ed in USA Today


Former Senator and Majority Leader Bill Frist shares his thoughts in a USA Today op/ed on the importance of US Congressional support of funding water, sanitation, and hygiene. Senator Frist, a long-time supporter of WASH funding, pens a compelling case of the impact of WASH investment, particularly in health-care centers. We encourage you to read his well-thought out article here.

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