Product Notice #0338

Product Notice

GA Release of SmartTAP™ Software
Version 4.2

We are pleased to announce the release of Software Version 4.2 for our SmartTAP Recording Solution.

Software updates for SmartTAP are available to customers who have purchased AudioCodes support packages that include software updates (i.e., ACTS, CHAMPS, and Enhanced Support) for SmartTAP.

SmartTAP installation and upgrades must be performed by AudioCodes Services Team or AudioCodes Certified Partners only. Please contact your Sales account manager or AudioCodes Support for additional details.

Major Features

  • Microsoft Skype for Business Video-Based Desktop Sharing calls can now be recorded by SmartTAP.
  • SmartTAP components are now added automatically to the Managed Devices table and devices now send heartbeats at periodic intervals to indicate their registration status.
  • Support for Active Directory subtree scanning for mapping users, groups and security groups to SmartTAP.
  • The Subject Alternative Name field can now be configured for the CSR (Certificate Signing Request).
  • A new view mode in the Calls search results page enables you to view the media type and details over a calendar timeline with the capability to drill down to the hour of the day.
  • The Announcement Service has been enhanced - blacklisting of numbers to not play announcements, as well as playing of announcements on internal calls.

For a complete list of the Version 4.2 features, click here to download the SmartTAP Release Notes Ver. 4.2 from AudioCodes website.

Affected Products

  • SmartTAP Call Recording

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