Efficient, flexible ride sharing makes everyone's day better, so we've improved our Cohop app to make carpooling in Macquarie Park and North Ryde easier, more flexible, and more rewarding. 

Just download it onto your mobile and you're as mobile as using you're own car. It's infinitely flexible - you just say when you want to go to or from work and it finds a ride for you. 

It's as easy as uber but it's better, and without charge. You're sharing resources, reducing traffic, saving money and helping the environment. And if you're the driver, you may qualify for priority parking at or near your workplace. 

Carpooling that's going your way.

 Download for iPhone 

Download for iPhone


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Liftango is the Third Party Platform Provider to Connect Macquarie Park & North Ryde for Cohop.

*It’s always best to arrange your ride home in advance and make sure you have a plan B. If your ride share home is cancelled and you are left without options, rest assured Connect will ensure you have a ride home. It will reimburse Member employees for costs (up to $100) associated with finding an alternative (taxi/uber) ride home in case of last minute Cohop cancellation where the departure address is Macquarie Park.


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Connect Macquarie Park is the only Transport Management Association in Australia; working to help commuters work, live and play in Macquarie Park and North Ryde.

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