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This is that time of year that the lazy days of summer come to an end, and the hectic days of fall come pouring forth.  Summer vacations are over, and children are heading back to school, major projects are getting underway at community organizations as American society rumbles back to full-steam ahead for the fall. 

For many nonprofits, this also means an increased level of activity and a final push for year-end fundraising and programmatic goals.  It may also mean strategic planning for the future, which may foretell financial needs that necessitate a capital campaign to provide the funding needed to grow the endowment, retire the debt, build the new building, purchase the new equipment or to fund the new exciting program or services your organization envisions.

We have two interesting articles in this month’s Fundraising Free Press.   One article describes some of the considerations you might have in finding and engaging the right kind of fundraising consulting firm to help you carry out your campaign feasibility and planning study.  It offers insights into selecting professional fundraising counsel.  If you need further help, just call me with any questions and I will spend 20-30 minutes with you on the phone.

The other article relates to some common-sense rules of leadership from Wally Boch who wrote the book on Three-Star Leadership,  which evaluates leaders though the eyes of superiors, peers and subordinates.   I like Wally’s well-grounded 5 P’s of Leadership.  But as someone who has worked with thousands of volunteers, I know that since they don’t get paid, they are even harder to motivate and keep engaged.  Since you cannot pay them, you must love them and encourage them more often.  Do that, and you will find volunteers who love to come to work. 

Onward Through the Fog! 

David G. Phillips

In Good Times and Bad
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CDS Feasibility Study

Preparing for a Campaign Feasibility and Planning Study

With each year, more and more non-profit organizations are preparing to enter into capital campaigns to construct or update facilities, build endowments, supplement operations and pursue other worthy financial goals. The more successful of these organizations will hire consulting firms to conduct Campaign Feasibility and Planning Studies. Identifying the best possible consulting firm for your organization is a critical decision. But there are many consulting firms and the proposals for service can vary widely. How can you make a thorough evaluation of a firm’s proposal, projected costs, and services if you have little or no direct experience?

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Access to The CDS Resource Guide Series: The Definitive Guide to a Successful Capital Campaign, our free gift to you.

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The Five P's of Leadership

There are whole libraries full of things that tell you what to do about leadership and how to remember what’s important. Here’s another short edition to that library – the 5 P’s of leadership. They are:

  1. Pay Attention to What’s Important
  2. Praise What You Want to Continue
  3. Punish What You Want to Stop
  4. Pay for the Results You Want
  5. Promote the People Who Deliver Those Results

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