H.O.M.E. Volunteer News and Opportunities

Hi there,

Volunteering is often intended to promote goodness or to improve one's quality of life. Volunteering has been found to have both positive benefits for the volunteer, as well as for the person or community served.

This clearly and succinctly describes the experiences that H.O.M.E. volunteers have while partnering with us to execute and fulfill volunteer opportunities.  It also pertains to the experience of our older adult clients, who are helped by the hard work of our generous volunteers. 

Our volunteers come from many walks of life, including individuals, corporate groups, church groups, school groups and youth ministries. However, there is one theme amongst those who connect with us to carry out their desire to give back:  they simply want to help in the hope that their efforts make it better for the person they are helping. Believe me, it does!

H.O.M.E. would like to acknowledge and THANK the following groups who helped us with our painting program this summer.

Real Life Missions

Phillipsburg Christian Church

Real Impact Missions


Well Care and Harmony. 

Your hard work and generosity brought smiles to the faces of our clients.  A little fresh paint in the home does wonders for self-esteem and self-pride. Again, thank you!

What volunteer opportunities do we have on the horizon?

There is never a shortage of volunteer opportunities within H.O.M.E.'s three intergenerational buildings for seniors and families. With summer soon ending (yes I said it) and fall fast approaching, we are looking for volunteers to do seasonal cleaning, to cook or bring an already prepared meal on a Saturday or Sunday as a "guest chef", tackle some minor repairs in or outside of the buildings and yard work.

I know no one wants to think about it, but….weatherization season is near! Perhaps you and your friends or work mates are interested in weatherizing homes.

What is weatherization you ask?  It is the process where by H.O.M.E. volunteers install insulation plastic over the windows in the homes of low-income seniors. 

Our weatherization season starts in October and ends in December.  We are looking for volunteer groups of 4-50 people. People will be divided into small groups and be assigned to a house that requires the plastic insulation. We weatherize homes from 9a-3p, Monday through Saturday. The homes are located on the south and west sides of Chicago. All materials are provided by H.O.M.E.

Lastly, it is also not too early to think about the up and coming holiday season.  If you think you and your family or friends would like to prepare a Thanksgiving meal, please reach out to me. This is a very meaningful opportunity for the residents as many do not have family to share their holiday meal with.

Please visit our Volunteer page on our website for additional opportunities..

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Regardless of whether you volunteered last year, are currently volunteering with us or are planning to do so this year, we would like to say 'THANK YOU' for reaching out to H.O.M.E. and sharing your passion and commitment towards supporting low-income seniors!

Please contact Mike Laz at 773-295-2709 or mikel@homeseniors.org to schedule your volunteer experience today!


Mike and H.O.M.E.'s clients and residents