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September 2018

Hi You,


Air Quality: Protecting Our Health & Our Planet

Sneaky substances are hiding in our indoor and outdoor air that effect the health and well-being of our bodies and the planet 

VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds are a chemicals that release into the air as an off-gas of fossil fuel based products. When they interact with molecules in the air they create indoor and outdoor air pollutants that are can be dangerous for both the environment and our health. A study done by Science Magazine shows that the VOCs emitted when we use our cleaners, pesticides, and personal care products every day are now considered a dominant pollutant in urban environments. VOCs come from:

  • Tailpipe emissions (your cars and trucks)
  • The production of fossil fuel products (upstream emissions)
  • Everyday things like pesticides, adhesives, printing inks, paint, cleaning agents, and personal care products.

Why are VOCs a problem? Because the release of those chemicals into the air create Ozone, a pollutant that can have huge impacts on lung and respiratory health (ever heard of an Ozone warning in big cities?), and is the main ingredient in smog.  

The good news is there are easy alternatives to every day products we use that emit these harmful chemicals. Take a look through this months newsletter to learn more!


Zero Out VOCs In Your Home


# 1 Buy safe products

All natural cleaners, zero VOC paints & adhesives, and carpet & furniture, will reduce VOCs off-gassed in your home. Look for our GreenGuard certifications, they are verified low-emitting!

#2 Ditch the air fresheners 
Air fresheners release a host of VOCs in to the air. Try a candle or match instead!

#3 Air it out 
When you do use chemicals, nail polish, or other 'strongly scented' products, open a window or turn on your ventilation system. Don't let them accumulate in your home. 


When Clean ≠ Green 

Making smart choices about the products we use to clean our homes can protect our health and environment

Learn about how to make choose sustainability when it comes to selecting your cleaning products!  

Click to learn more!

 Staying Safe Outdoors During Wildfires


Wildfires can make a big difference when it comes to your running, biking or hiking routine.

If you still wish to exercise when there’s smoke in the air, here are some tips to help you stay safe:

Click to read more!



USGBC Indoor Air Quality Event

Come learn about the importance of Indoor Air Quality through all phases of construction from design, construction, and into operations of the building. Come learn what strategies you can employ in your practice to help promote and protect indoor air quality!

When September 27th, 4:30-6:30
Where Walking Mountains Science Center
To register and learn more click here!


EnergySmart Doubles Impact in 2018!

Through partnership with Town of Vail, EnergySmart was able to double the number of home energy assessments they performed last year! Increasing the reach of the EnergySmart program is a direct strategy in the Climate Action Plan, and through local partnerships, we are able to see this goal realized.  

Sign up for your home energy assessment today!

town of vail-1 energysmart wmsc-1love vail-1


EV Sales EVent - REV up your Ride!

August 1st - October 31st

Dealer discounts + state tax credit + federal tax credit make NOW the right time to switch to an electric vehicle. Dealerships in Glenwood Springs and Grand Junction have Plug-In Hybrids (PHEV) and full-electric battery (BEV) models on offer. With an Electric Vehicle you will have zero tailpipe emissions in electric mode, cut your car's carbon footprint by 36% and use Colorado produced electricity to power your vehicle! Click here for more information.

Give us your feedback on Electric-Assist Bike Share


ECO Transit is exploring options to deploy a regional electric-assist bike share program in our County. Share your ideas and interest in bike share with us! Check out the 1 minute survey below. 


E-Bike Share SURVEY 


Eagle County Waste Wizard!


Have you ever stood by a trash, recycle, or compost bin with no idea on where to put your waste? Wonder no more!! 

Introducing the Eagle County Waste Wizard App! Type any material into the app and it will give you Eagle County specific instructions, on how to dispose of your waste!

  • Learn what can and can't be recycled at your home
  • Keep up to date with Hard to Recycle events
  • Have a map to Recycle drop sites in the palm of your hand

Google Play Download Eagle County Waste Wizard  Download the Eagle County Waste Wizard iOS-1


SolSmart with Town of Minturn


The Town of Minturn has partnered with Colorado Department of Energy program SolSmart to help make it easier for their residents to go solar! SolSmart is a free service that provides a score to a town or county on how easy it is for residents to apply for solar permits. The rankings are bronze, silver, and gold. 

Learn how to get your town certified SolSmart! https://www.solsmart.org/