FREE DOWNLOAD: Starch is one of the key feed ingredients. But starches from different sources offer a range of functional properties!

Pellet Quality Matters - no. 9

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Next to protein, starch is one of the primary ingredients used in animal feed. However, starches from different sources offer a range of functional properties that need to be considered. Not only from a nutritional perspective but also from a technological aspect.

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FREE WHITE PAPER: 'How the type of starch can influence pelleting'

Starch gelatinisation is probably one of the three most important and effective drivers for improved pelleting, together with steam management and compression ratio/friction.

This is why information about starch (type of raw material, date of harvest, how it was stored and/or processed) should be communicated on a very frequent basis within a feed plant, i.e. sharing of information between formulators, production manager and operators. This in order to adjust process parameters in parallel to the reformulation of raw materials. 

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  • Starch from different sources: structure and function
  • How to characterize starch in pelleting
  • Effect of lipids and protein
  • How lignin-based pelleting aids can help solve gelatinisation problems
How the type of starch can influence pelleting

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(An edited version of this white paper was published in All About Feed magazine, no. 6, 2018)

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