Introducing the Sortable Referral Program   Join us for a Report Builder Webinar!  

As a customer of Sortable, you know the value of working with us. If you know of other websites that could grow their advertising revenue with Sortable, you could be eligible for a referral bonus that includes a $500 gift card and 5% the referred publishers earnings during the first 6 months.

To learn more about who is eligible to be referred and how to send a referral please visit our referral page.


Following the launch of our Report Builder preview last month, on August 28th at 2pm EST/12pm PST, we’ll show you how to use the platform to generate powerful reporting on your ad performance data and uncover opportunities for growth. In this webinar, you’ll hear from Ashly Knox, Head of Sales Engineering, and Minhung Ling, Publisher Operations Specialist at Sortable, as they explore the new interface. In just an hour, we'll cover how the Report Builder can help you understand your data in real-time through reports; how to deep dive into your data using queries (without needing a technical background); and where to access the Report Builder knowledge base and tutorials. For more information and to register please see the event page, or reach out to Bryn Ossington, Manager, Publisher Success at 


How to Optimize Ad Unit Size

Your website may look fantastic with 970x250 banner, but it may not be the best size for monetization. Optimizing ad unit sizes based on demand can be a quick and easy way to increase yield. Buy-side partners pay for ad space that meet the needs of their buyers' creative assets, and buyers pick which ad unit sizes to build assets for by assessing where there is healthy inventory for fill. What this means is that when an ad unit size is less common, a 970x250 for example, there will generally be less demand against it, and potentially lost revenue. Optimizing against the ad unit sizes with the most demand on your site is a simple way to ensure you are opening your site up to all the demand available. Please feel free to reach out to with any questions.


Sortable S2S On The Rise

Demand sources with high CPMs can have a major impact on the value of your inventory. To support this, we've been hard at work optimizing Sortable's server-to-server connection to ensure we are providing more demand, and increasing the amount of lift our connection can inject into your inventory. Over the last few months, our server-to-server connection has grown impressively, becoming the second highest partner for revenue network-wide across header bidders, all the while maintaining the highest CPM. We are very excited to see how this connection continues to grow and offer value to our publishers. We invite you to take a look at how Sortable's server-to-server connection is performing on your inventory. To find this data, simply run an Ad Revenue report in Report Builder, filtering for "Sortable" in Partners. Please feel free to reach out to with any questions.

  Sortable's Treetop Trek   Startups and Beer!  

Earlier this month we hosted our Quarterly Town Hall for the entire company. After a series of presentations from different departments, we walked away from the session feeling motivated and confident in our plans for the rest of the year. Following the Town Hall, we visited Treetop Trek in Brampton for a thrilling afternoon of climbing through the trees. The day started with a safety training session, which gave us a chance to test the equipment and to learn how to get back up from a fall. Afterwards, we were free to explore the canopies climbing across rope bridges; swinging over pits; and zip-lining back to solid ground. We love pushing our limits, both in and out of the office, and this gave us a perfect environment to reach new heights!


We're passionate about our Kitchener-Waterloo community and we also love beer, which is why we were so excited to participate in the Startups and Beer networking event last month. Sortable was among nine tech companies who joined several local breweries to host an evening benefiting Kidsability, a community partner helping to fund therapy services and programs for children and youth with special needs in the Waterloo Region.  The event was a huge success and drew out over 700 members of the Waterloo Region tech community, raising $4,200. For more information about the event, and how to get involved in upcoming Startups and Beer events, visit