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chemical proportioning system 


The KP1H Fill Stations offer the highest level of flexibility and control for meeting a variety of customer requirements in places such as: Hospitality, Institutional Facilities, Restaurants, Supermarkets, and other environments. Four different models make up the KP1H Series: single-product bottle fill, single-product bucket fill, 4-product Dial 4 bottle fill, and 4-product Dial 4 bucket fill. But you only need to stock 2 models and a few extra parts to create any system configuration. The KP1H Station and its parts are modular so your installers can snap them on or take them off as needed. As a result, itʼs easy to daisy-chain an unlimited combination of dispensers together. No tools or PTFE tape are required. • One-Hand Bottle Fill • 16 Different Dilution Rates • One-Hand Bucket Fill • Modular Components • Durable, Lightweight Plastic Cover • Intuitive Design


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5-product dial 4 bottle fill and bucket fill station w/bottle actuator
and remote bucket fill pistol grip. Flex-Gap™ 1 gpm/4 gpm, 4 lpm /15 lpm)


  • One-Hand Bottle Fill
  • Remote Bucket Fill Pistol Grip
  • Durable Rolled Steel Cover
  • 16 Different Dilution Rates
  • Large Labeling Surface
  • Minimal Installation Time
  • Flex Gap Back Flow Preventor
  • High hazard, A.S.S.E. listed Flex-Gap™ backflow preventor protects against cross contamination of water supply and deters product foaming.


The KP1H LP is our newest expansion of our proven KP1H platform, which allows for consistent and accurate proportioning in facilities and buildings with low water pressure. With the KP1H LP, both bucket fill and bottle fill can efficiently dispense chemical at 1 GPM (3.6 LPM) in water pressure as low as 12.5 PSI (.86 bar).


KP1H and Low Water Pressure

Often, low water pressure is a common uncontrollable problem in many facilities and buildings. This creates a problem for many proportioners where a minimal of 25 PSI (1.72 bar) of water flow pressure is needed to operate properly. At low water pressures, the flow of water through the most dispensers will not create enough suction to draw the correct amount of chemical into the water stream, resulting in low chemical/water ratios. This diluted chemical can create cleansers with insufficient cleaning power, or when using sanitizers or disinfectants, incorrect dilutions could result in a non-compliance with health department or other regulatory bodies. The design of the KP1H LP proportioners ensures that target dilution ratios are achieved every time at water pressures as low as 12.5 PSI (.86 bar). The KP1H LP & KP1H Complete will dispense accurate dilutions with bucket fill and bottle fill at a 1 GPM (3.8 LPM) flow rate.


Dilution Ratio Chart


  TIP COLOR          OZ/GAL       RATIO

   WHITE                       30.00                   4.3:1

   YELLOW                    29.00                  4.4:1

   PINK                           27.00                  4.7:1

   DK GREEN                24.00                   5.3:1

   BLACK                       20.00                  6.4:1

   BROWN                     14.00                   9.1:1

   GRAY                         10.00                 12.8:1

   BLUE                           8.00                 16.0:1

   RED                             6.00                 21.3:1

   PEACH                        5.00                 25.6:1

   LT BLUE                      4.00                 32.0:1

   PURPLE                      3.00                 42.7:1

   LT GREEN                   2.00                 64.0:1

   ORANGE                     1.00               128.0:1

   LT BROWN                  0.50               256.0:1