Technology & ergonomic tools can support disabilities and conditions enabling everyone to be a productive part of the workforce.

By providing the right tools and support for your employees you can increase productivity and reduce condition related absence by up to 76%.

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Breaking barriers…

A breakthrough to excellence

Microlink support network meetings with assistive tech demos and have recently attended two events to showcase the available Assistive Technology and raise awareness and highlight the support available for people with health condition.

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Inclusion and Digital Accessibility Courses 


It doesn't matter if you have already started your accessibility journey or thinking to start this amazing journey. This is a perfect online free training from the Accessibility experts in the University of Southampton with free access to resources provided by them.

We have a proud history of working closely with university of Southampton on development of Assistive Technologies and accessibility tools for nearly two years.


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The Solution is Simple


"With modern technologies we can confidently say that there are no disabilities, there are just barriers for people to live and work independently; with the right tools and interventions, anything is possible. The sign of an inclusive society is when we remove these barriers by carefully designing the work and living environments to cater for those with health conditions or disabilities”.

Dr Nasser Siabi, OBE, CEO Microlink

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Global Business Disability Framework

As a founding member of the Technology Taskforce, Microlink is proud to be supporting our global clients to deliver this vital service to all their disabled workforce everywhere! 

  • Global Business Disability Framework enables multi-national organisations to assess how they are currently meeting the needs of colleagues and customers at a local level, and to develop and implement strategies to improve workplace accessibility and customer service globally.

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All you need to do is remove the barriers!


"We are all different, our brains work differently and that’s wonderful…

If you’re not good at one thing, that’s absolutely fine… focus on things you are good at and make the most of it".

As Dr Nasser Siabi (CEO at Microlink) always says: “By providing the right tools everyone is capable and by doing this we are just removing barriers, we are not giving them an advantage, we are merely providing them a level playing field to succeed.”


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