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August 2018 Edition

A silent milestone

Sometime next week, the Australian population clock will tick over 25 million people.

Like the Census, it's a moment when demography is 'in the news' - our population will be in the public consciousness for a moment, then it will be gone again.

When I look out the window, I see a crane just a few blocks away. But, unlike dwellings and other buildings, we don't notice the population 'building' in the same way. We might feel or notice the effects of migration, ageing and other demographic patterns, but change happens slowly, incrementally (and invisibly, at its source).

Yet, it's vital there are people in our society who monitor how changes in our population play out (because they play out differently in different places), and we need to respond with nuanced, proactive strategies to ensure our communities remain functional and enjoyable places to live (see Mark's piece on Urban renewal in Newcastle for a great example).

Author Ivan

Tips and tricks

Common mistakes in demographic analysis



If you're using population data (from the Census or elsewhere) to build a business case or substantiate an argument, bookmark this article. 

It's a simple checklist that will help you understand when changes to the collection, coding and manipulation of data might impact the conclusions of your analysis.


Updated data

A closer look at low-income households

Low income households


Communities of interest are a special module included in some of our community profiles, that give more detailed insights into the makeup of certain groups within a community.

In this piece, Glenn demonstrates how the characteristics of low-income households in Blacktown have changed over the past five years, and explores the implications for advocacy and service planning.


Your feedback

The questions you'd like on the 2021 Census

Victoria to SE Queensland migration


Do you use data on disability, volunteering, travel-to-work/education, long-term health conditions, domestic work or car ownership?

You might be interested in this wrap-up of the submissions we’ve sent to the ABS, after we asked you what should (or shouldn’t) be captured in the next Australian Census in 2021.


Urban planning

Planning for urban renewal in Newcastle

Submit your questions for the 2021 Census


In the course of researching our population forecast for the City of Newcastle, Mark discovered some amazing behind-the-scenes work being done to drive urban renewal in Australia's seventh-largest urban area.


New data and features

Be notified whenever we update our tools



Bookmark our updates page to keep track of the latest changes to our free online tools including data updates and new features.

Or, subscribe to our updates and you'll be the first to hear about these changes as they happen.


Your story

What's changed in your neighborhood?



Every month, we investigate a story from one of our readers and publish a small study about their place on our blog.

Tell us about the changes you’ve seen in your area, and we’ll tell you the demographic and economic story behind it.

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