Interference by Preseem now measures latency and upload speed

In order to help users get more insights into their internet connection, Netflix announced that its popular free internet speed test now measures latency (unloaded & loaded) as well as upload speed. This is a critical update since latency is one of the core metrics impacting a user's quality of experience (QoE). Netflix knows it's one of the bigger bandwidth-hogging applications, it wants its users to get an idea on how that may impact other interactive applications when a connection is loaded. 

In typical fixed wireless connections, congested access points and bandwidth shapers using simple queues negatively impact latency and user's QoE. At Preseem, we recently wrote a case study on how a WISP from Texas fixed such Bufferbloat issues

Try using with your connection and see what latency data you get.  If you get consistently high latency figures (>100 ms), that could mean that your network has such issues as well! 

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