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Reducing waste, one banana peel at a time

Ever wonder what happens to that banana peel after you throw it away? How about those yard trimmings?

A common misconception is that organic materials like fruit peels and vegetable matter go to the landfill and turn to dirt. Seems logical, right?

Actually, landfills are specifically designed to NOT allow for rapid decomposition. They are capped daily to promote an environment free of air and water, so that whatever goes in stays in the same form that it entered for as long as possible. As a result, food and yard waste that enters the landfill remains completely intact and recognizable for several years.

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Did You Know?

  • Composting food waste is key a strategy in Eagle County's Climate Action soil-hands-1024x1024Plan for reducing carbon pollution from the landfill. 
  • Average food waste per person in North America is 250 lbs/year. That much food waste produces 470 lbs of CO2e, the equivalent carbon footprint of 1 household’s electricity usage for 19 days!
  • If food waste were a country, it would be the 3rd largest in the world in terms of carbon pollution. 

Compost Reduces Carbon

Composting your food waste keeps it out of the landfill, where it produces methane, a powerful greenhouse gas. It also provides you with healthy, nutrient rich soil to grow your own local food. A win, win for climate! Here are some ways to get started composting today!

#1 Backyard Compost

Learn how to get started!

#2 Vail Honeywagon Residential Compost Drop Off

Learn how to sign up today!

#3 Worm Bins

Learn how to make your worm bin!
While supplies last, Walking Mountains will be giving out FREE Worm Bin starter kits! Email kims@walkingmountains.org to secure your free bin today!

Keep Your Compost Healthy

Want to learn tips and tricks for keeping your compost healthy? Click here to learn more. 

Composting in Bear Country

 According to the Climate Action Survey, bears were identified as the #1 barrier to backyard compost in Eagle County. But bear-proofing your compost is not as hard as it may seem!
earn about how to keep your compost safe from our furry friends. Continue Reading...


Walking Mountains Sustainability

Walking Mountains Sustainability's Zero Waste team has been hard at work this summer diverting waste at all your favorite summer events! Check out the full list of events and how much waste has been diverted through Zero Waste efforts here! 

Walking Mountains Zero Waste Blues Brews BBQ (5 of 19)

Upcoming Zero Waste Events

  • August 10th-12th | Beaver Creek Wine & Spirits Festival 
  • August 25th | Zusammen
  • September 1st & 2nd | Beaver Creek Oktoberfest

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering for a Zero Waste Event, please contact amym@walkingmountains.org.

Zero Waste Your Event!

 Vail Honeywagon

Starting this month Vail Honeywagon is beginning it's compost collection service! This service is for residents and commercial businesses. To learn more or sign up see below!

honeywagon services

Visit http://vailhoneywagon.com/contactus.cfm | Email shawn@vailhoneywagon.com

Call (970)309-2645 or (970)476-3511


Double Money Back for Energy Efficiency Upgrades!

A partnership between the Town of Vail and Energy Smart Colorado at Walking Mountains Science Center not only provides double rebates and more! Available now, for a limited time in 2018!

Sign up for an Energy Assessment Today!

town of vaillove vailenergysmart wmsc-1

LED Swap Update

Where: Community Banks of Colorado, Avon and Eagle Branches
When: Aug. 20th - 31st, banking hours
Who: Anyone from Eagle County!
What: Swap out 2 CFLs or incandescents for 2 new LED bulbs! 


Electric-Assist Bike Share Demo This Week!

What: Electric-assist bike share demos with Bewegen, an e-bike share provider
Who: Elected officials and general public.
When: August 8th-10th |11AM-3PM
Where: Avon Station | Avon, CO
For more information, click here!

The Science Behind Electric Vehicles Event!

Walking Mountains, in conjunction with this summer's Electric Vehicle Sales Event, is hosting a special edition of this series with The Science Behind Electric Vehicles. Come learn all about EVs! Sign up today!


Compost Has Arrived

Thanks to Vail Honeywagon opening their compost facility diverting organics is now easier than ever!


What is SmartHub?

Holy Cross Energy's app can help you track energy use and save!

Check out the insights you can gain on your energy use & download the app today!