When was the last time someone influenced you?

Maybe it was an insurance agent, a salesperson, or even a colleague at work. You might have been convinced to buy that new health plan, invest in a product, or support a company initiative.

Did you like and trust the person who influenced you? Chances are, you did.

We're all more easily influenced by people we know, like, and trust.

If you read BRODY's "3 Steps to Become a Master Influencer" newest blog, you already know that personal connection is at the heart of influence. The key is to build relationships where you truly care about others — and make sure they know it.

For 5 powerful connection-building strategies that will increase your influence, check out BRODY’s previous blog right here.

To learn more, check out BRODY’s interactive “Influence without Authority” workshop that develops the skills needed to increase collaboration and team performance. You can download a full outline of the workshop here. 

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